Realization of "extinct article" C#rsa algorithm

Now the most popular RSA encryption algorithm, only the public key and private key have to crack the encryption information, RSA encryption algorithm appears in favor of data security transmission The 1.c# in the RSACryptoServiceProvider class

C + + exception handling: Calls to system function terminate

The process of handling exceptions in C + + is this: in the execution of the program exception, can not be processed in this function, but instead of throwing an error message, pass it to the previous level of the function to resolve, the upper

C + + Summary: The basic concept of object-oriented

Object-oriented language In freshman semester, we learned C language, it is a very classic, very basic language, all computer science students are not to escape its claws, and C + + from the name is very clear, it is a derivative of C, it

Deep parsing of C + + function templates and class templates

First, function template 1. Definition Template Return value type template name (formal parameter list) {function body}; Template t2 print (T1 arg1, T2 arg2) { cout 2. Do not instantiate function template by parameter #include using namespace

C # import data from DataGridView into a CSV file and export to Excel

1. Import data from DataGridView into a CSV file public static bool Datagridviewtocsv (DataGridView DataGridView) {if (DataGridView.Rows.Count = = 0) {MessageBox.Show ("No data to export!", "hint", MessageBoxButtons.OK,

C-based file operations (file*, FStream, WindowsAPI)

C-based file operations In ANSI C, the operation of the file is divided into two ways, that is, streaming file operations and I/O file operations, respectively, described below. One, streaming file operation The file operations in this way have an

How do I print an n-line diamond in C #? Practical explanation

The idea of solving problems: First we print a diamond of n rows, the general diamond is odd line (look at a little), so we print out is an odd line of diamond, generally this form: problem-solving ideas: We can think of the diamond as two parts,

C # uses NPOI to generate Word documents (by template)

Project needs to integrate word export, do when the online document resources are not many, but also more messy, so check the check, sorting out, do a record, also by the way Npoi operation Word document some basic operations to share to the needs

The deconstruction function in c#7.0---deconstruct

Deconstructing tuples c#7.0 has added a number of features, one of which is the new tuple (ValueTuple), which allows us to return multiple values and work with deconstruction more easily, as in the following example static void Main (string []

Object mappings in the C#orm

Using Linq.expressions to dynamically generate mapping methods  1. Let's write a simple class test that contains an ID and a name. Public class test{ publicintgetset;} Public string Get Set ; } }2. need to manually write simple mapping code,

C # Windows Services: Use of the Timer control in the C#windows service

How does the use of a timer control in a C # Windows service program solve the problem?Today, I studied the use of the Timer control in the next C # Windows service program.After we have built a C # Windows service program, we usually think of the

Multiple implementations of C # High performance TCP Services


The main thrust of this article is to use the. net/c# different ways to implement TCP high performance services, including but not limited to the following: APM mode, i.e. asynchronous programming Model TAP mode, i.e. task-based

Introduction to the implementation of the pagination feature of the ABP starter series

This section explains how to use the ABP for background paging, and incidentally explains how the ABP background paging logic is implemented. It also demonstrates how to use x.pagedlist for front page paging Complete the task List of additions and

C#ftp download file has a remote server return error: (500) syntax error, command not recognized

If you download multiple files, sometimes inexplicably 500 server errors, it is possible that the KeepAlive property is not set to cause.An unhandled exception occurred in the application: 2015/1/6 11:40:56Exception type: WebExceptionException

C # NPOCO lightweight ORM framework (advanced ),

C # NPOCO lightweight ORM framework (advanced ), Continue to translate NPOCO wiki. This article translates the following pages on home. Wiki address: Previous:

. Net open-source micro-ORM Framework evaluation,. netorm framework

. Net open-source micro-ORM Framework evaluation,. netorm framework What is ORM?   Object relationship Mapping (ORM, O/RM, or O/R mapping) is a program technology, it is used to convert data of different types of systems in object-oriented

SolrNet advanced usage (paging, Facet query, any group), solrnetfacet

SolrNet advanced usage (paging, Facet query, any group), solrnetfacetPreface If Solr is used in the system, you will certainly encounter the need to reverse push data from Solr. After the index is produced based on the database data, the Solr index

How to Use the log4Net custom property configuration function to record the complete log information, log4net custom

How to Use the log4Net custom property configuration function to record the complete log information, log4net custom As a professional log record control, log4Net is familiar with its powerful functions. The following describes in detail how to use

Implement Message push by Signalr and message by signalr

Implement Message push by Signalr and message by signalr I. Preface Most systems seem to have the function of obtaining messages, but these message sources are not real-time. For example, if you open two browsers and log on with two different

Jetty tool on Windows and windowsjetty Tool

Jetty tool on Windows and windowsjetty Tool Java applications often need to be developed for projects. I like to use Jetty for development and deployment, mainly because Jetty is lightweight. Jetty project home page:,

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