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① During web development, you may also encounter problems that I encountered before. When using the Textbox Control, the edge of the control cannot be completely overwritten by the background image. 1:

After textbox resolution, it is also an HTML-text control, while the text control has edges by default, that is, border: 1px solid #000;

Therefore, you only need to add the following small CSS for the Textbox Control, that is, "border: 0px", and the final effect is 2:


② When you are doing web development, I wonder if you have found that when textmode = "multiline" of the Textbox Control is replaced, maxlength has actually expired.

When the textmode attribute of textbox is "multiline", it is actually the HTML-textarea control after parsing. This html control does not have the maxlength attribute.

If you want to limit the input length, you can set the following attributes:

<Asp: textbox id = "reply_note" runat = "server" textmode = "multiline"Onkeyup = "This. value = This. value. Slice (0, 1000 )">


③ When you make some input boxes, you may want to trigger an event when you get the focus, or trigger an event when you lose focus:

I wrote two JS files to meet the following requirements:

   <  Script Type  =  "  Text/JavaScript  "  >  
// Event triggered when the focus is obtained
Function Onfocusfun (element, elementvalue ){
If (Element. Value = Elementvalue ){
Element. Value = "" ;
Element. style. Color = "" ;

// Triggered when the input box is left
Function Onblurfun (element, elementvalue ){
If (Element. Value = '' ){
Element. style. Color = " #808080 " ;
Element. Value = Elementvalue;


Then, you can reference them in the Textbox Control as follows:

 <  ASP: textbox ID  =     "  Reply_note  "  Runat  =    "  Server  "  Text  =  "  Post reply, up to 1000 words entered  "  Forecolor  =     "  #808080  "  Onfocus  =  " Onfocusfun (this, 'Post reply, up to 1000 words ')  " 
Onblur="Onblurfun (this, 'Post reply, up to 1000 words ')"> </ASP: textbox>
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