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Tags config hash net hash visual studio|web| Access | Problem || problem when you debug a program in Visual, there are several times when "Hash.web" Access is denied, the view program code does not detect the problem, and restarting IIS cannot be resolved. Only reboot the computer to get back to normal.

Baidu can not find a solution, only useful Google search foreign sites, find the following tips:

Access to the path containing ' hash.web ' is getting denied.

After installing Visual Studio. NET and F5 a couple The times, I used to get this error frequently. The only resolution is to upto 5 to10 mins or restart system, since a folder in temporary files Containi ng Web.config gets locked up automatically.

After searching a while in KBs, forums, I found one closest matching solution, which solved I problem. Just wanted to share with the other readers who would also is experiencing this issue. The problem occurs significantly if you touch Web.config and has significant memory-consumption (as seen in Window S Task Manager)

There is a service called Indexing Service which runs in the system. During F5, tries to JIT compile the new DLL (as I understanding goes) and when simultaneously and indexin G service goes to the specified set of cache files, the deadlock occurs and throws this exception.

Solutions "Workaround":

Keep indexing Service Manual or Stop It
In indexing Service Preferences, make c:/winnt/ to is excluded or placed in the exclusion catalog Exing Service would not access this location.

Actually this solved another problem we are here. For the tip. The problem is as this:
One of the collegues @ my work place had a working VS. NET installation and is happily on working. Sometime later he wasn't able to debug the applications through VS. NET, changed config files ran aspnet_regiis, Uninstalled VS. NET and reinstalled it completely so many times. No use, nada, zilch. So, we finally said the "Take Care" that workstation, and gave him one. Now after reading your post, I found indexing Service is running on that machine. So I stopped it, reinstalled and it are fine. Just fine. For the tip.


Access denied to your own application
Every have a bad day with your app? Ever get the "yellow screen of death and this" on it:

Access to the path C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary files\myapp\5607edd7\fc4d1071\ Hash.web ' is denied.

If you go googling for the problem, you'll find a few suggestions, solutions, ideas, and rants. We had the same problem happen at our shop a few times in the same week. In fact, it got to "where we (the users in the" local Administrator group) couldn ' t even access the folders Themse Lves.

After the putting we proverbial minds to work, we did something simple. We reclaimed ownership of the folders. You can does this in the temporary files directory.

Right click and select Properties
Select the "Security" tab
Click on the "Advanced" button
Select the "Owner" tab
Select the owner (machinename\administrators), check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and Objects" and click OK
Voila. Problem gone. APP working again. The Everyone is happy.

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