inheritance IHttpHandler interface to add a watermark function to the website image practical skills

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The example of this article describes the inheritance IHttpHandler interface implementation to the Web site image add watermark function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows:

First show the picture effect:

1. Add the class file under App_Code, named Imagesy file as follows

public class Imagesy:ihttphandler {public Imagesy () {////todo: Add constructor logic//} #region Ihttphan
  Dler member public bool IsReusable {get {true;} The public void ProcessRequest (HttpContext context) {//Gets the requested physical picture path string ImagePath = Context.
    System.Drawing.Image Image = null;
      if (file.exists (ImagePath)) {//define watermark text string text = "This picture comes to my Site";
      Define watermark text font size int fontsize = 22;
      Watermark text Fonts Font font = new Font ("XXFarEastFont-Arial", fontsize);
      Load picture image by Physical address of picture = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile (ImagePath);
      Graphics g = graphics.fromimage (image);
      Gets the display area size required to draw the watermark text SizeF size = g.measurestring (text, font); if (size. Width > Image. Width | | Size. Height > Image.
        Height) {} else {Brush Brush =; g.DrawString (text, font, brush, image. Width-size. Width, image. Height-size.
  G.dispose ();    } else {} image. Save (context.
  Response.outputstream, Imageformat.jpeg);

 } #endregion}

2. Configure Webconfig, add location new node

<location path= "Images" >

3. Test, new ASPX page, display picture, Watermark will automatically add the

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I hope this article will help you to program design.

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