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This article gives a rough description of their differences.
String. Empty is equivalent ""
It is generally used for string initialization.
For example:
Console. writeline (a); // an error is reported because a is not initialized.
No error is reported below:
String A = string. empty;
Console. writeline ();
Or for comparison:
If (A = "")
If (A = string. Empty)
The above two statements have the same effect.
String. Empty does not allocate storage space
"" Allocate a bucket with an empty Length
Therefore, we generally use string. Empty
For the sake of future cross-platform use string. Empty
In C #, "" And string. Empty Can be used interchangeably. For example: CopyCode The Code is as follows: String S = "";
String S2 = string. empty;
If (S = string. Empty ){

If statement is true
String. empty and null, both of which indicate null strings, string str1 = string. empty. After this definition, str1 is an empty string, and the empty string is a special string, except that the value of this string is null and has an accurate point in the memory, string str2 = NULL. After this definition, a reference to the string class is defined. str2 does not point to any place. If it is not instantiated before use, an error is returned. Textbox1.text is a zero-length string "".
Several methods for determining as a Null String, in the order of performance from high to low:
S. Length = 0 is better than S = string. Empty is better than S = ""
The best way to judge whether the string is null is S. Length = 0!

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