works with easyui to return a json data instance, easyuijson

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Author: User works with easyui to return a json data instance, easyuijson

This example describes how works with easyui to return json data. Share it with you for your reference. The details are as follows:

Recently I want to use to develop a small framework with easyui, and then use easyui's combobox. A problem occurs. In general, the format of combobox provided in easyui documents is
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: <input class = "easyui-combobox"
Name = "language"
Data-options ="
Url: '../combobox/combobox_data1.json ',
ValueField: 'id ',
TextField: 'text ',
Multiple: true,
PanelHeight: 'auto'

At first, I wanted to use's Weibo [Method] Method in combination with ajax to write data. However, this caused a problem. The ajax Method using [Method] is in the following format,
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $. ajax ({
Type: "post ",
Url: "addBug. aspx/GetVersions ",
Data: "{'producename': '" + selectedValue + "'}",
DataType: "json ",
ContentType: "application/json; charset = UTF-8 ",
Success: function (data ){
$ ("# Versions"). empty ();
$ ("# Versions"). append (data. d );

That is to say, it is necessary to write its contentType, but this does not exist for the data-options parameter of easyui Combobox. In this way, a large number of HTML statements are contained in the returned results, which has been entangled for a long time, later, I tried it accidentally. the ashx file was successful.

Later, I checked the role of the. ashx file. Simply put, it provides the function of returning strings and images, instead of returning processing results and a large number of HTML files like the. aspx file.

I hope this article will help you design your program.

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