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Today, we built a web environment, Apache + Perl, and mounted CGI to test the performance. However, we suddenly encountered several problems.
The command line support for starteam cannot be found for listing all the projects of the company on the webpage, so I had to go to the starteam SDK and a C ++ API. There is no problem and it can be solved, however, if you need to connect to the website in CGI mode, you can find the Java interface and find a server class in a few minutes.
However, a problem was found during the final test, that is, the Perl script runs completely normally under the command line, but is executed in CGI Mode on the Web server and executed to devenv'sCodeDuring compilation, there were a bunch of errors, which were hard to understand. I thought of directory execution permissions, but the modification of the maximum permission was good and could not be solved. I thought of the Perl VC environment problem and changed the environment, it cannot be solved. Tomorrow, we will only change the execution method of apahe on Perl and change to the embedded method to execute Perl.
Start watching Sip/h323. check the related network tomorrow. Java environment.
Firstly, learn the current existed source code libraray. Then setup a set of common architecture with components.

Client UI + common communicate Platform + common software platform.
Key components: net, NAT (ICE), skin, multi-language.

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