[Auto-Generate Flag (v0.1) under Combat training]20180117,linux

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[Auto-Generate Flag (v0.1) under Combat training]20180117,linux

Sets the process for target target drone (Linux) to generate flag at timed intervals.

    • Login to root user at Target drone terminal

Use the command Su and enter the root user's password

    • Create a new script and edit it under/root

2.1 Create a new script and name it ye2.sh

Use the command:

Nano ye2.sh

    • After execution, enter the Nano editor and enter the following:


While ["1" = "1"]


z= ' OpenSSL rand-base64 30 '

s=$ (($RANDOM%100))


ECHO-E $z >/root/flag

Sleep 15m


    • #注意while语句中各空格的位置, less space will be an error

    • #注: the symbol "'" in line 4th is not a single quotation mark in English, but a grave accent, which needs to be typed under the English input method, with the keys below the "ESC" key, as shown in the Blue box:

    • Content of ye2.sh:

    • Save and exit the Nano editor, press CTRL + X on the keyboard, and see a prompt asking if you want to save, as shown in:

    • Press the "Y" key 1 times on the keyboard and press the "ENTER" key 1 times to save the edits and exit the Nano editor.

    • To add execute permissions to the script "ye2.sh", use the command:

chmod a+x ye2.sh

    • Run Tests

      • Run

        • In the terminal input command:

        • Bash/root/ye2.sh &

        • Note: #命令后加上 "&" to transpose the process running the script to run in the background

    • See the prompt message: "ye2.sh" process has been run in the background, and the process PID is "2517".

    • Review the currently running process to verify that there is a process with pid "2517" and the result is present. Use the command:


    • View the flag file (ye2.sh after 60 minutes of operation)

    • View VMWARE.MC files (ye2.sh after 60 minutes of operation)

    • End Run

      • Enter the command:

      • Kill-7-P < process pid> #终止某进程


[Flag (v0.1) automatically generated under]20180117,linux training]

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