Automated maintenance tools for the Ajenti-linux Control Panel

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Installation deployment

FastRemote access for every occasion

Install once and never Google for PuTTY downloads again.

An admin's tool for a more civilized-age, providing-a fast and secure-to-manage a remote Linux box at any Tim E using everyday tools like a Web terminal, text editor, File Manager and others.

Access everywhere

Responsive Remote Terminal

Fully extensible with Python and JS

Ajenti Web Interface Platform

Ajenti platform includes following products:

    • Ajenti Core, a Python library, the platform itself including the HTTP server, socket engine and plugin container.

    • Ajenti Panel, a startup script and a set of stock plugins such as File Manager, Network Configurator and service Manager.

Feature overviewhttp Server
    • HTTP 1.1 support.

    • Websockets with fallback to XHR polling.

    • Fast event-loop based processing.

    • Flexible routing.

    • Session sandboxing.

    • SSL with client certificate authentication.

    • >1000 Requests per second.

    • MB RAM footprint + 5 MB per session.

    • Highly modular Python API. Everything is a module and can be removed or replaced.

    • Builtin webserver API supports routing, file downloads, GZIP, websockets and more.

    • Transparent SSL Client authorization.

    • Plugin Architecture

    • Dependency Injection

    • Server-side Push and socket APIs.

    • Pluggable authentication and authorization.

    • Stock Authenticators:unix account, password, SSL client certificate and Mozilla Persona e-mail authentication.

    • unprivileged sessions isolated in separate processes.

    • Clean, modern, and responsive UI. Single-page, no reloads.

    • Live data updates and streaming with support.

    • Full mobile and tablet support.

    • Less and CSS, Coffeescript and JavaScript auto-build support.

    • Numerous stock directives.

    • AngularJS Templating.

    • Debian 6 or later

    • Ubuntu Precise or later

    • CentOS 6 or later

    • RHEL 6 or later

    • Can is run on other Linux or BSD systems with minimal modifications.

    • Supports Python 2.7+ and PyPy.

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Automated maintenance tools for the Ajenti-linux Control Panel

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