AWS-based Remote Disaster Recovery System Architecture

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AWS-based Remote Disaster Recovery System Architecture

Disaster recovery is a technical precaution and measure that is taken back from any event that has a negative impact on the IT system .. A typical approach is to build repetitive infrastructure to ensure availability of backup capabilities in the event of a disaster.

AWS can expand the infrastructure required for the company's private infrastructure. For disaster recovery solutions, this will lead to significant cost savings. Shows an example of setting disaster recovery as a local application.

1. The company's data center hosts applications including database servers and application servers that contain local storage of content management systems.

2. AWS Storage Gateway is a service that connects to the internal deployment of software devices and cloud Storage. AWS Storage Gateway securely uploads data to AWS cloud services and provides cost-effective backup and rapid disaster recovery.

3. For database backup, application server snapshots, And the AmazonMachine Images (AMI) used for server recovery are stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3. AMIs is a pre-configured operating system and application software. It is generally used to create virtual machines of AmazonElastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2. oracle databases can be backed up directly to Amazon S3 using the Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) Cloud module.

4. When a disaster occurs in the company's data center, you can recreate the complete infrastructure from AmazonVirtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC. Amazon VPC allows you to recreate the private and isolated parts of an application on the provided AWS cloud.

5. For application and database servers, you can use Amazon EC2 for reconstruction. To restore a volume snapshot, you can use the Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume to bind it with the application server to be restored.

6. to remotely access restored applications, you need to use the VPN connection created through the VPC gateway.

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