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Awstat is a very concise and powerful statistical tool. It can count the following information about your site:

1 visits, visits, page views, clicks, data traffic, etc. accurate to monthly, daily, hourly

2 Visitor country, access IP, operating system, browser, etc.

3 Robots/spriders Statistical information

4 Visitor Duration

5 for different file type statistics

6 Page-url Statistics

7 Other information (keywords)

Second, Awstat installation

1, install Perl.

Awstat is a Perl-based Web log analysis tool. Because it's a Perl-based tool, you'll need to install the Perl environment, either under Windows or Linux

[[Email protected] awstats]# tar xvfz perl-5.16.1.tar.gz # Unzip

[Email protected] awstats]# CD perl-5.16.1 #进入目录

[[email protected] perl-5.16.1# rm-f # is a profile that was previously installed and needs to be removed when a new installation or upgrade is installed.

[[Email protected] perl-5.16.1]# sh configure-de #安装时使用默认配置, generally will be OK

[[email protected] perl-5.16.1] #make #编译

[[email protected] perl-5.16.1]# make test

[[email protected] perl-5.16.1]# make install #安装

2, Installation Awstat

Decompression Awstats

[Email protected] awstats]# tar xvfz awstats-6.4.tgz

[Email protected] awstats]# mkdir/etc/awstats

[Email protected] awstats]# mkdir/var/lib/awstats

The two directories created above will be used in a later configuration, a configuration file for site log analysis, and one for storing log data information.

[Email protected] awstats]# cp-r./awstats-7.0/usr/local/

-R indicates that all items in the directory and directory are copied to the/usr/local/directory

[[Email protected] test]# mv awstats-7.0 awstats A rename for ease of operation.

Configure Awstats

[Email protected] tools]# pwd


Awstats configuration has its own configuration tool, first use VI to open the file, see the first line about the Perl Runtime environment configuration is correct.

[Email protected] tools]# VI



[Roo[email protected] tools]# pwd


[[Email protected] tools]# perl run config file

The tool automatically modifies your Apache configuration and automatically modifies the following information in the Apache configuration file httpd.conf file

[Email protected] conf]# pwd


[Email protected] conf]# VI httpd.conf automatically adds the following at the bottom of the httpd.conf file: will also automatically produce/etc/awstats/awstats.index.conf files based on the information of your answer (the site name to be analyzed) during the installation process.

[Email protected] awstats]# pwd


[[email protected] awstats]# ls


[[Email protected] awstats]# VI awstats.index.conf Configure the following file

This completes the installation and configuration work of the Awstats.

Analysis Log

[Email protected] cgi-bin]# pwd


[[email protected] cgi-bin]# chmod +x Add executable permission

[Email protected] cgi-bin]# Perl/

In the browser, type:


You can then see the generated log report.

There may be errors with the following to the prompt, whether you have not encountered, anyway I was met! :

The above error has not found the reason, so, found another way to access the log file.

[Email protected] cgi-bin]# pwd


[Email protected] cgi-bin]# Perl >/var/www/html/awastats.html

So we save the log file to the Apache server, named Awastats.html.

In the browser, type:


can access log files as well!

Awstat (under Linux)

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