Basic Starting Point of UI Component Design

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1. Software Engineers do not understand uidesign, and UI designers are not proficient in software development. Is it common?

2. Is it common that application software does not focus on uidesign?

3. I want the software UI to be more artistic. What about you?

4. I think in the future, art design will become more and more important for software development. What do you think?

5. software engineers can become artists, and vice versa. What do you think?


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1. Who uses the UI component?

Web application technology developers (non-Art Designers)


2. How they use the UI Components

Due to a lack of design skills, 99% of users are assigned to focus on implementing business logic. They are generally related to the appearance:

Set the width and height, adjust the position (xy coordinates), and set valid and invalid attributes.

* Unfortunately, in the enterprise WebApp field, the vast majority of customers only focus on functional design and seldom invest in UI/UE design (artistic and tasteful. It is not uncommon for software engineers to design the UI.


3. How to Design the UI component theoretically?

In theory, the UI component should develop necessary and functional minimal interfaces to the software engineer; everything in the UI appearance should be hidden inside the component. Because the UI design should be "unique" and "unique.

Who designs and implements the UI component's appearance?

There are two roles involved: the UI Designer (Art Designer) and the "UI technical engineer" who is proficient in UI implementation technology ".

The former uses art tools (Photoshop, Flash, etc.) for artistic design. The latter uses professional coding technology for programming based on the design results of the former, and encapsulates it into the UI component.

* Such roles and division of labor are common in the game development field. It is rare in the enterprise WebApp field.


4. Art Designers are required for the future of Enterprise WebApp

Humans will not always be satisfied with food and clothing. Furthermore, the pursuit of the spiritual world becomes more and more important. Art Design is a way to bring spiritual enjoyment.

This is also true in the field of software development. Why do popular software products have unique UI design?


5. software engineers should improve artistic accomplishment and design capabilities

Software engineers can become art designers at the same time. Just like learning a new technology, art is also a discipline and can also be learned. There is no need to sigh.


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