Beauty such as clouds ~ Beautiful environment ~ Drop the Big consulting company ~ Invites IT technology Daniel to join!!

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First, company profile

Founded in 1993, China Consulting Group is the first diversified organization to carry out management consulting business, and also the most large-scale management consulting Group. With the expansion of business, we in 2003 to separate IT department, the establishment of the Big Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the large consulting company to cooperate with, is committed to providing enterprises with neutral, comprehensive, cost-effective information (management +it) third-party consulting services.

Our products include 2015 key projects: the development of fiscal and taxation systems, and the development of OA systems and performance systems.

Consulting company for IT personnel training and development has unparalleled advantages, from the perspective of personal development, it software developers from the grassroots programmer slowly grow into a team manager, it is necessary to learn management and other cross-boundary knowledge, We can provide you with a wide range of free training courses to give you insight into people's psychology, learning team management methods.

as the company's rapid development in recent years, we lookout, hope that the vast number of people interested in the development of IT industry to join our company. We invite you to join us and create brilliance together!

Company website:

IT Job Characteristics: Flexible working hours, equity incentive, competitive salary, comprehensive welfare treatment

Work location: Guangzhou Haizhu District Zhongshan University National Science and Technology Park block B 9 Floor 905

Nearby Metro station: Central Metro station (line Line 8); Bus stop: Sakae School station.

Resume Application: [email protected] ( Please indicate the position of application)

Tel: 020-84115200

Contact person: Miss He

Second, recruitment positions

Java Senior Software engineer: (Treatment 1.8w-2.5w)

Job Responsibilities:

1 , mainly responsible for finance, finance, e-government, EHR, OA and other related systems design and development;

2 , responsible for pre-system development requirements analysis and architecture design;

3 , responsible for database modeling, design and optimization;

4 , responsible for the system template analysis and system interface design, independently handle and solve the responsibility of the task;

5 , complete the core business module or function development, and write and maintain the development documentation;

6 , carries on the program unit and the function test, detects the software existence flaw and guarantees the quality;

7 , directing the work of the Software engineer and conducting the code review;

8 , maintain software to maintain availability and stability.

Job Requirements:

1 , proficient in Java EE related development and design techniques, with independent experience in system requirements analysis and architecture design;

2 , proficient in Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Jquery/extjs, BootStrap, FCKeditor, etc.;

3 , proficient in spring, Hibernate/mybatis, Freemarker, Activiti and other technical framework, familiar with design patterns;

4 , can be independent of database modeling design, proficient in oracle,sql Server,mysql and other relational database;

5 , with BI analysis and design experience, master Oracle BIEE and other business platforms preferred;

6 , with excellent communication and coordination and problem-solving skills, good team work sense, rich experience in team building;

7 , experience in financial field or system development is preferred;

8 , a system architect or system analyst, and related certifications are preferred;

9 , with CMMI level 3 or above working experience is preferred.

Beautiful like clouds ~ Beautiful environment ~ Drop the Big consulting company ~ Invites IT technology Daniel to join!!

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