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1 content and form separation, the front page only need to display content on the line, the form of art to the CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file code is streamlined and smaller to open faster.

2 revision of the site easier, without redesigning the Web page, or even do not move the original site of any HTML and program pages, just to change the CSS file to complete all the revision. For the portal site, the revision is just as easy as changing clothes.

3 search engines are more friendly, ranking easier than before.

The first content and form of separation, the front page only need to display content on the line, the form of art to the CSS to deal with. The generated HTML file code is streamlined and smaller to open faster.

This is the most current feature of DIV+CSS technology, but also the root of the existence of CSS. Completely subvert the current traditional (table) Web design technology. All the content now made with table can be solved with CSS, and the solution is more perfect and more powerful. Do not need everyone to form a table, just want to use Div set Div can achieve the previous form of the table all art, the result is the use of DIV+CSS technology, so that the resulting web page file size is more concise, smaller. Table era, a page table to achieve more than 10 is very common things, but now with div+css, a table can not be used to fully achieve the previous effect, which directly results in the Web page file size than the use of table when the reduction of 50%-80%, save the webmaster's hard disk space , visitors open the page faster, and with DIV+CSS, unlike the previous use of table, must be read all the table to display the page content, it is now possible to read a div to show an effect, we open the page do not have to wait. The benefits are obvious and powerful.

This advantage is indeed significant, the use of traditional table-built web pages, the content of many words, sometimes up to 30K or so may be, the file opened, there must be 0.0 seconds of delay. Using DIV+CSS, because there is no form to use, you open the front desk to see all the direct content, CSS files are imported links, is another file, the basic and HTML file size does not matter, this generated HTML file, one also about 10K size. A small number of files can not be seen, but file levels above, or will save dozens of m size.

These advantages actually get to now, personal feeling is not very useful, why?

Because the table generates an HTML file that is larger, occupy a lot of space, but now the virtual host space hundreds of dollars can reach more than 3G, a small or medium-sized portal or Web site, fully enough, even if not enough, your data volume reached 100,000 levels above, the resulting HTML file also use 2G, In fact, this cost for the small and medium web site is completely negligible. Besides, using table says it's slow to open. This is under the current network environment, can also be ignored, now everyone is using broadband, at least 512K above, a Web page 30K, open also less than a second, the use of DIV+CSS also quickly so 0.0 seconds, which is basically people do not feel. And since all is generated HTML, that will affect the effect of the server is the same, as long as your virtual host network stability, then the table and div+css on the difference.

But the use of table to make the Web page frame and table, are all selected to make, that is, without everyone to write code, very simple input borders and line number can achieve the requirements of the production, but the use of div+css, completely rely on handwritten code, a table to write four lines of code, If a page involves more than 10 div form generation, the handwriting code will be more than 50 lines, and if you are not good at math or logical thinking, your handwritten form will be 78 bad, the table overlap and position is completely incorrect. Because when you write a table in Div+css, the logical arrangement between tables depends entirely on your own handwritten code, and if you don't have strong handwriting code and logic, you spend at least 4 times times as much time as you use a table. Basically a page definition of ID and Class class, complete page is not less than 20, an ID or class handwriting 5, you make an HTML page will be more than 100 code, of course, many of which can be stored as a CSS file to repeat the call. In other words, the same page content, typesetting the same case, you can directly import the link CSS to achieve.

It's much like this. Before you generate HTML, make a page template. But the time it takes to make this template is several times when it was made with a table. Some people here want to say, but when I revision, just need to write a CSS on it, no longer generate HTML. So I would say that when you write a CSS file revision, I may have already used table to make a page template, but also automatically generate HTML full station page. It's not impossible.

If you as a webmaster, for handwritten code is not particularly confident, logical thinking ability is not particularly strong, suggest or use the traditional table to make Web pages more proficient and fast.

The 2nd revision website is simpler and easier, do not need to redesign the typesetting webpage, even do not move the original website any HTML and the program page, just must change the CSS file to complete all revision.

Div+css for the portal site revision is like changing clothes as simple and easy, when the revision, do not change the entire station HTML page, just need to write CSS, and then with a new CSS overlay the previous CSS can be achieved. It's convenient.

Convenience is convenient, but a Web site, I would like to ask is not one months to change the version? or half a year to change it? It is estimated that so often the site is very little oh. Now many well-known web sites, industries, portals, including personal sites, at most, is a year to change the version. A year to change the version, you only use one time to write CSS once a year, and you write the time of the CSS time, than I used to make a table one or two times times slower (technical proficiency). Then why do I have to use CSS ah? I use the same effect as the table can be completed, two minutes to do the form, you use CSS to write to use 10 minutes.

National Small and medium-sized Webmaster Web site Data volume is generally in 100,000 data, now use the automatic batch generation HTML function, the generation is not in a few hours time. It's not a big deal to have a god-like fee for a year.

So unless you change the site one months, then you still use the most skilled and convenient way to achieve web design is wonderful.

Of course, if your CSS has been learned as a fire pure green, but also a code madman. You when I say the nonsense.

The 3rd search engine is more friendly, ranking easier than before.

When I see the advantages of CSS There is this, I sneer at the two sound. Translators and writers really do not understand China's network environment, this article to get abroad, such as the common environment, fully feasible. But to get China to Baidu as a monopoly of the network environment, can completely ignore.

Search engine main ranking basis regardless of Baidu and Google, are title and weight mainly. They will not be able to get these two points, but use your content to Misting data. And the most important point, small and medium-sized site of the main 80% of the traffic is Baidu, Baidu is now completely artificial in the sort, you think you used div+css Baidu on the first line you in front ah?? If you think so you are too unworthy to be a Chinese webmaster.

10,000 step back said, even if you div+css have this advantage, can let you page in Baidu Search in front of several, you think this position you can sit long ah? Not out of one months as long as you this page to bring the flow to reach a certain number, Baidu K you did not discuss. (I mean the keyword K)

To sum up, personal feeling div+css not too superstitious it's very good very strong, it as the production of web pages, beautify the Web page an important auxiliary is very powerful and convenient. Can make up for table production frame and form a lot of deficiencies and the shortcomings of the art, but completely only use it to do, too time-consuming and laborious, for the national Small and medium web site long, really not very suitable. I personally think that using TABLE+DIV+CSS is the best combination, but also the most time-saving method.

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