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  • Advanced Video Player options not included in Flash Media Playback

The fastest and easiest way to share a video with the world is to place it on the Internet. Video players are essential for everyone to watch videos. To make everyone enjoy this convenience, Adobe has released a free video player named flash media playback. As the best video player, Flash Media Playback can be easily found online for free when you need it. You can use this player on any web page by adding a small amount of code. This article describes how to use the flash media playback video player to easily publish videos and provides an overview of available powerful options.

Flash Media Playback is an excellent video player. It is suitable for blogs, small business activities, enterprise websites, and anyone who wants to use simple solutions to provide an excellent web-based video experience. Flash Media Playback can deal with complex issues related to connecting video sources and provide users with high-quality video playback effects. The following is an example of a video played using the Flash Media Playback video player.


To maximize the use of this tutorial, you need to prepare the following software and files: Flash Media Playback Video Player

Flash Media Playback Video Player
  • Learn more
Web files
  • Video files uploaded to the Web server (FLV)
  • Upload to the web page of the Web server, which contains the player embedded code <0}
Dreamweaver cs5 (optional)
  • Trial
  • Purchase
Prerequisite Knowledge

Requires experience in using HTML and basic HTML concepts.

Use Flash Media Playback Video Player

If you want to integrate the Flash Media Playback video player into your web page, you only need to add the player embedded code to the HTML page. When a visitor loads the web page in a browser, Flash Media Playback will automatically display your video player on this page.

There are two ways to create the required embedded code so that you can use flash media playback.

  • Flash Media Playback Setup page
  • Manually edit embedded code
Flash Media Playback Setup page

To copy the embedded code, visit the Flash Media Playback Setup page: /. The Flash Media Playback Setup page (see Figure 1) contains two main parts. Enter the video value in the table on the left: Video Source Address and various custom settings. The right side of the page contains a pre-viewed player and pre-viewed embedded code. Enter the value and Click Preview to generate the appropriate embedded code.

Figure 1.Flash Media Playback setup Screen

This table contains two required fields:

  • Video source URL (link to a video file)
  • Player size (width and height)

Flash Media Playback also supports many other configurable parameters. However, only the values listed above are required. Other parameters are optional or can be filled with default values. You can generate the correct embedded code by providing the URL and size of the player.

Two labels are displayed on the top of the Flash Media Playback Setup page:

  • Player (selected by default)
  • Advanced

For more information about these options, see the following documents:

  • Using Flash Media Playback and strobe media playback (PDF, 530 KB)
Manually edit embedded code

If you are familiar with HTML code, you can manually edit the Flash Media Playback embedded code without copying the code from the Flash Media Playback Setup page. You can use any text editor to update the embedded code. If necessary, you can copy some existing embedded code and edit it. You can also manually enter the embedded code from the beginning.

Note:If the embedded code written manually contains errors due to incorrect input, the player cannot load and the video cannot be played. Because code errors are difficult to solve, we recommend that you use manual editing only if you have experience in discovering and troubleshooting HTML code faults. HTML editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver cs5 are useful for manual code editing.

Flash Media Playback support

In addition to the full set of Flash Media Playback documents, Adobe also provides a support forum. Flash Media Playback users can access these resources to obtain answers and learn best practices. Visit the Flash Media Playback Forum to participate in community activities and ask questions related to flash media playback.

Advanced Video Player options not included in Flash Media Playback

Flash Media Playback is a creative Video Player solution. It is very easy to implement and supports various customization methods to change the appearance of the player.
Strobe media playback (SMP) is another solution worth a try.

Flash Media Playback and strobe media playback are essentially the same-they support the same configuration and skin planting methods. However, Flash Media Playback does not contain the following two features, which are available when strobe media playback is used:

  • Free hosting of players on any Web Server
  • Access the player source code

Although strobe media playback allows you to host a player on any web server, this feature imposes a restriction: Flash Player cache cannot be used. When any visitor loads a Web page containing flash media playback for the first time, Flash Media Playback will be downloaded first, then it is stored in the Flash Player high-speed cache of the Computer (using a special signature file with the swz file extension ). Since then, when visitors access other pages using flash media playback, Flash Media Playback is loaded very quickly because it has been installed on a computer.
Because Flash Player's quick cache function is used, it is faster to use flash media playback to watch a video for the first time than to use strobe media playback.

Strobe media playback is an open-source project, and the source code is publicly available, therefore, many organizations with rich experience in the actionscript programming staff can expand the code and customize its player in various ways, these methods cannot be obtained when using the standard Flash Media Playback player provided by Adobe.

For video and media players that require more custom functions, developers can make full use of the powerful open source media framework (osmf )). Flash Media Playback and strobe media playback are both built on osmf. Osmf continues to evolve and will be included in future versions of Flash Media Playback and strobe media playback once osmf receives new features.

For more information about osmf, visit You can also read my article: Open Source media framework: Introduction and overview.

The Adobe Creative Suite 5 application contains many additional options for displaying videos on Web pages. For example, Adobe Flash Professional cs5 contains an easy-to-use video playing component named flvplayback, and Dreamweaver cs5 provides a very useful user interface, to insert a FLV video file into the HTML page. For more information about these options, see the following articles:

  • Getting started with the ActionScript 3 flvplayback component
  • Adding video to a web page

You can also refer to the video technology center and video Learning Guide for flash for more information about preparation, encoding, and online publishing of video content.

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