Big Data-big value, great opportunities, and great changes

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How can we cope with new challenges brought by data from traditional Internet, mobile Internet, and Weibo to enterprise management? How can we make full use of data when making key decisions?

Today's data is everywhere and is increasing every day. We should say that if we want to save the data, we only need to say that the increase is not reduced. There is only one case where the data will be reduced, that is, the legendary 2012 catastrophe is approaching, destruction of human civilization. So optimistic. You can't keep what you want to do. In this age of data explosion, I personally think that all data is used, but not all data is valuable. As a company or enterprise, you should focus on the useful part of the data, rather than holding your eyebrows. If valuable data is obtained from the data in the ocean, This is what every company should do now. How can we be benevolent, benevolent, wise, and wise. The advent of the big data era: opportunities or challenges? Whether it is an opportunity or a challenge is an object. Yuan Fang, what do you say.

What kind of standard structure does the big data system architecture need?

If there is no standard unified structure for managing, storing, and using big data in the sea, it is good for enterprises or individuals themselves. Unified.

There are many companies with similar experience in cash, such as Baidu and Google. Do they save less data in just a few years? And Alibaba. What did they do? Google's own GFS is a reference. No matter how big the data is, I am not afraid of adding nodes, servers, and hardware.

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