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To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. The best thing about blog writing is that when there is a flood of thinking, the server will be suspended, and the server will not be able to connect, and it will continue to be inaccessible in the following days. Because no matter what the website is


To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. The best thing about blog writing is that when there is a flood of thinking, the server will be suspended, and the server will not be able to connect, and it will continue to be inaccessible in the following days. Because, no matter what the website is, a good user experience, the premise must be stability of access, but for an independent blog, to ensure the stability of the service, there is an unspeakable pain.

When I started blogging five years ago, I purchased a HostMonster virtual host and a godaddy domain due to record filing issues and started my ghost blog career. although each hard-hitting, the network became unstable, but most of the time it can still be connected, but the opening speed is as fast as the turtle speed, FTP upload is basically less than 10 kB. Later, in order to solve the problem of the speed problem, I had to try again, and changed the space to the Sina cloud space. the domain name was resolved using the DNSPOD service, and all the images were uploaded to the cloud storage, A bunch of plug-ins have been deleted and changed to a new topic. It is not a long time. because of the Hong Kong service used by Sina Cloud's record-free hosts, the service has been running frequently recently, and the promised 99% availability is no different from farting (although compensation is made, but it didn't solve the problem.) I had to rethink how to solve the problem.

I first thought about it. can I record my blog and use a host in China to completely solve the line problem? After all, I have already been angry with my youth, and I am not very interested in politics at ordinary times. I am mainly working. However, after trying to record a blog, I found that the record-filing process for a blog with an independent domain name is quite painful: godaddy's domain name must be transferred back to China and must be pre-approved, fill in a bunch of forms, and go to the site for photo review, that's all. the website name cannot have a name. what is the SB rule?

Early on I saw the saying that "the independent blog is dead". GFW's review is an external cause, and this impetuous era is an internal cause.

In the 1929 S, Chen proposed that intellectuals should have the idea of "independence and freedom", but that era had crossed like a meteor. We have completed the social revolution, crossed the industrial revolution, and entered the new era of the Internet, but we are also imprisoned in another network. In the Internet, we watched CCAV, watched Wu Mao singing and dancing, watched officials singing red and playing black, but we could only use the grass mud horse to fight back. we laughed at ourselves and turned over the wall as a pioneer in democracy. we continued to be silent from the wall, if necessary, you can try again.

In addition, in the Internet where SNS flood and social marketing are overwhelming, many people think that writing an independent blog is as ridiculous as a middle school student writing a diary every day. Occasionally, there are a few independent blogs that are willing to spend money to engage in independent blogs. more than half of them are too purposeful. they are busy writing hot spots and pleasing the masses. they write themselves in a private place, and they are cool. they are specialized in SEO, it is used to tease robots and spider; in addition, it is used to produce and compile websites and map traffic ...... People who can really calm down and write what they want to write are rare. if they can persevere, there will be fewer. This kind of impetuousness is also reflected in reading books. there are less than five million books per year in China, but 64 in Jews. We cannot learn independently, lack of independent thinking, and make people feel the cloud. it is our social disease.

After being blind and naive, enjoying praise and abuse, and passing the test of time, will it still be blocked by a wall? Blog is just a tool, writing freely to accumulate ideas, sharing and accumulating knowledge is the purpose; without record filing, finding a new host to move, it is just a hope to maintain this freedom of blog. Stick to it!



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