[Boiled ReSharper] efficient development-10 practical shortcuts and 10 resharper

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[Boiled ReSharper] efficient development-10 practical shortcuts and 10 resharper

All ReSherper functions can use shortcut keys. Most features have default shortcut keys, and a few of the remaining features can be customized.

ReSharper provides two shortcut keys

  • Visual Studio: This method reduces conflicts with shortcut keys of Visual Studio.
  • ReSharper 2.0/IntelliJ IDEA: mainly uses the shortcut key of IntelliJ IDEA.

In either way, you may need to change your own shortcut keys.

Next we will introduce ten things that can definitely improve development efficiency. Do you want to install them? *

I declare in advance that I have found some websites that crawl articles without specifying the source. It is not easy to refer to the code of each article. I think this sharing is too important. Therefore, most of the images are used and I hope you can understand them.

Read navigation

Show Hidden prompt on the right

Locate the prompt location

Locate Error only

Modify the code as prompted

View the type of a method parameter

Locate the location of the current file in the project

Open the To-do window

Code formatting

Declare Variables

Extraction Method


1. Hide the prompt on the right


2. Locate the prompt location


Question 3: locate Error only


4. modify the code as prompted


5. view the parameter types of the method.


6. Locate the position of the current file in the project


7. Open the To-do window.


8. Code formatting


9. Declare Variables


10. Extraction Method


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