Brief Introduction to html,

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Brief Introduction to html,

I wrote my blog for the first time and thought about it from the beginning. I hope to help people who need it.

Hyper text markup language (HTML) indicates that a page can contain pictures, links, music, programs, and other non-text elements. markup language indicates that the language is readable, what is readability? For example, in html, tables refer to tables, p (pragraph) refers to paragraphs, and border refers to the English or English abbreviations of the labels corresponding to the border. html labels are meaningful, it also facilitates seo optimization.

Html5 has been completed in 2014. Its document type <! DOCTYPE html>

Whether xhtml1.0, html4.01, or html5 China is a webpage document type, the following basic principles must be guaranteed to reduce browser compatibility issues:

1. The property name must be in lowercase.

2. the attribute value must be enclosed in quotation marks.

3. attribute cannot be abbreviated

4. Replace the name attribute with the id attribute

5. Labels must appear in pairs in lower case, even if the line feed label

The attributes of each tag are separated by spaces.

Border = 0 and no border attribute both have no border

The title of the table is the caption label. The row <th> is the rowspan attribute, and the column that spans the table is the colspan attribute.

All of the above are personal points of view. Please confirm and discuss them.

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