Build a Web mail system on a Linux server SquirrelMail

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The installation environment requires LAMP,postfix,dovect:

To install lamp Please refer to:

For installation of postfix and Dovecot please refer to:

Extract the installation package named SquirrelMail and support for multiple languages to the directory of the Apache website default home page:

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Unzip the multi-language installation package to the squirrelmail Default Web page:

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Go to the Site storage location modify the directory name to facilitate browser access:

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Enter Webmail to create a directory that holds the email attachments and give daemon permission to support Apache:

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Copy the squirrelmail configuration file to config.php, and then edit it:

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Locate the following configuration items to add and modify:

$domain = ' '; * Modify mail domain name //

$smtpServerAddress = ' localhost '; SMTP server address //

$smtpPort = 25; SMTP port number //

$imap _server_type = ' dovecot '; * Modify IMAP server type //

$imapPort = 143; IMAP port number //

$data _dir = '/usr/local/apache/htdocs/webmail/data/'; * Modify Data Directory location //

$attachment _dir = '/usr/local/apache/htdocs/webmail/attach/'; * Modify Email Attachment directory location //

$squirrelmail _default_language = ' ZH_CN '; * the language of the modified interface is Chinese //

$default _charset = ' zh_cn. UTF-8 '//* Modify the default character set to Chinese and utf-8//

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Restart the DNS and Apache Services:

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Using Client access:

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Test and send mail:

To send mail using Zhangsan login:

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Use Lisi login to view mail:

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Experiment completed

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Build a Web mail system on a Linux server SquirrelMail

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