Build an IPv6 experiment environment (Tunnel) in Linux)

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After you ping someone else's IPv6 URL, you can confirm that the LAN does not support IPv6. Therefore, we need to use tunneling technology to establish an IPv6 connection between two machines.

1. No IPv6 address is found on the testing server. Therefore, the kernel of the test server should have no IPv6 module or no IPv6 to open the IPv6 module.

2. uname-A determines that the kernel version is 2.6.18. More than 2.2 of the kernels on the Internet contain IPv6 components, and more than 2.4 of the kernels enable the IPv6 module by default. Students said that rhel5.0 and above should have IPv6. It has been confirmed that the server version is rhel5.8. Therefore, we can confirm that the kernel contains IPv6.

3. Use lsmod to view loaded modules and find no IPv6 (Tip: lsmod | grep "IPv6 ")

4. Try to use modprobe IPv6 to enable the IPv6 module. The system prompts "Fatal: module off not found.". Moreover, the result of "cat/etc/sysconfig/network" is:

Networking = Yes

Networking_ipv6 = Yes

Hostname = QV. Old

This indicates that IPv6 on the server is not disabled. Is the server kernel specially compiled by people in the group? Didn't I compile the IPv6 module?

5. Ask the Course Director to confirm there is no such thing. When it comes to fashion, it is a normal RHEL server.

6. I asked my classmates a question. They told me that it was her change ...... It should have been networking_ipv6 = No.

7. ls/proc/NET/found that IPv6-related files do not exist. I began to feel incomprehensible.

8. view all existing modules in modprobe-C and find that there are IPv6 modules.

9. Find the important information: the files in the LS-L/etc/modprobe. d/folder set the component behavior. You can add a script to disable IPv6 to disable IPv6. view this folder. Problem Found: There is a script named "noipv6"

10. Open the script with the following content:

Alias net-pf-10 off

Alias IPv6 off

Options IPv6 disable = 1

So I confirmed that this script is the problem.

11. contacted the user who used the server and asked if she had disabled the IPv6 network. She said she had never done it. Therefore, the noipv6 script is removed to the/root/ipv6backup/folder. Modprobe IPv6 again. Execution successful. The server already has an IPv6 address.

12.the operation log is on the Windows table, and ipv 6.txt is started"

13. Move to my documents> documents.

14. Establish a tunnel connection for the two machines

15. The ideas are summarized as follows:

① Specify the IPv6 address for the two machines.

② Enable tunnel on two machines, ifconfig sit0 up

③ Direct the tunnel to the IPv4 address of the other party. ifconfig sit0 inet6 tunnel: IP address of the other party

④ Enable tunnel sit1 and ifconfig sit1 up

⑤ Set the IPv6 route table and direct the peer address to sit1, route-A inet6 Add the peer IPv6 address Dev sit1

⑥ For the previous step, the explanation in the document is: "Activate the automatic tunnel sit0 of host1 and host2 respectively, so that both parties can connect through IPv4-compatible IPv6 addresses, and then activate the tunnel sit1, this allows both parties to communicate with each other through a globally unicast IPv6 address."

The above is my summary based on the reference materials, which may be different from the actual situation. If not, please refer to the reference instance.


Http:// M = listen & P = 8b2a905d9e8714ff57ea94215c0d & User = Baidu & fm = SC & query = Linux + % C5 % E4 % D6 % C3 + IPv6 % B5 % D8 % D6 % B7 & qid = 8c4e038b0315bcdd & p1 = 4

16. The actual configuration process is saved as a school-based execution log in my documents> IPv6 environment build folder.

17. The first time ping6 was not successful after the information was set. Ping6 is successful for the second time. So far, no test script has been used for the experiment.

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