Build an original Minecraft server in centos 7

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Build an original Minecraft server in centos 7

Build the original Minecraft server on centos 7 and directly go to the topic:

① Install jdk-1.8.0

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  1. Yuminstall-yjava-1.8.0 *

② Create the mc directory

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  1. Mkdir/tmp/minecraft

③ Download the compressed package (minecraft_server.1.7.10.jar) and library file (libraries) of the mc server, and move it to the/tmp/minecraft directory.

④ Run the following command to start the server

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  1. Java-Xmx2048M-Xms1024M-jarminecraft_server.jarnogui //-Xms for minimum memory usage,-Xmx for maximum memory usage, nogui for command line enabling

⑤ Failed to load eula.txt during the first running

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  1. [16:36:36] [Serverthread/INFO]: Loadingproperties
  2. [16:36:36] [Serverthread/WARN]: server. propertiesdoesnotexist
  3. [16:36:36] [Serverthread/INFO]: Generatingnewpropertiesfile
  4. [16:36:36] [Serverthread/WARN]: Failedtoloadeula.txt
  5. [16:36:36] [Serverthread/INFO]: YouneedtoagreetotheEULAinordertoruntheserver.Gotoeula.txt formoreinfo.

Modify eula.txt, server. properties

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  1. Eula.txt
  2. Eula = false
  3. Change to eula = true
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  1. Server. properties
  2. Online-mode = true
  3. Change to online-mode = false // other options can be modified as per your preference

7. Disable SELinux and firewalld (too easy to set, close directly)

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  1. Vi/etc/selinux/config
  2. SELINUX = enforcing
  3. Change
  4. SELINUX = disabled
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  1. Systemctldisablefirewalld
  2. Systemctlstopfirewalld

The supervisor can start the server by running the command again (you don't need to open a long string of commands every time you write the running script ).

Java-Xmx2048M-Xms1024M-jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

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