[C + +] programming Road (2), kill QQ, Popup system dialog box, eat memory, etc.

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First, delete the file

Second, the principle of stealing passwords
1#include <stdlib.h>2 3 //kill QQ, and then prompted the network failure, please re-login, pop up high imitation interface, get account password, and then open QQ to login4 voidMain () {5System"taskkill/f/im QQ.exe");6System"Pause");7System"D:\\qq\\bin\\qqsclauncher.exe");8}
Three, popup system dialog box
1#include <windows.h>2#include <stdlib.h>3 4 voidmain1 () {5     //0 Represents the system pop-up Content Title dialog box type6MessageBoxA (0,"please log in again due to network failure","QQ Fault",0);7     //Practice8     /*messageboxa (0, "Now chatting with you is an enemy spy, in order to protect your security, the computer will be restarted in 1 minutes," "warning", 0);9 System ("shutdown-s-T");Ten System ("pause"); One System ("Shutdown-a");*/ A } -  - //print file, open file, e-mail, open web page the voidMain () { -     //0 on behalf of the system startup open opens Notepad directive 0,0 default last parameter: 0 hidden 1 Normal 3 maximized 6 minimized -     //Shellexecutea (0, "open", "http://www.qq.com", 0,0,1); -     //Shellexecutea (0, "open", "notepad", 0,0,1); +Shellexecutea (0,"Open","c:\\users\\administrator\\desktop\\ The parallel algorithm of convolutional neural network in \ \ \ multi-GPU Environment _ Wang Yumin. CAJ",0,0,1); -Sleep ( +);//Wait a second +}
Five, eat memory
1 void Main () {2      while (1) {3         int *p= (int *)malloc(10000); // allocating memory 10000 bytes, approximately equal to 10K 4     }5 }
1 #include <windows.h>23void  main () {4while      (1) {5         malloc(10000000);   malloc allocates about 10M of memory 6         Sleep(+);   Wait one second 7    }8 }

[C + +] programming Road (2), kill QQ, Popup system dialog box, eat memory, etc.

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