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1, "Essential C + +": Stanley B.lipman.

Next branch temporary, main core, light and short, with exercises and answers, suitable for beginners.

2, "the C + + programming Language": Bjarne Stroustrup.

Technical authority, with the word deep, profound thinking. The C + + encyclopedia represents.

3, "C + + Primer": Stanley B.lipman and Josee Lajoie. Pan/Zhang Li translation.

The book fair ten years does not fall, the content is not exhaustive, known as C + + best textbook. The C + + encyclopedia represents.

4, "Inside the C + + Object Model": Stanley B.lipman. Houtie translation.

Uncover the underlying mechanism of C + + and uncover the drapes behind C + +.

5, "Effective C + +": Scott Meyers. Houtie translation.

Instill expert experience with 50 programming guidelines. Humor is a language that is understandable.

6, "more effective C + +": Scott Meyers. Houtie translation.

Instill expert experience with 35 programming guidelines. Humor is a language that is understandable.

7, "accelerated C + +":

C + + 's best Getting Started book, a quick master of C + + 's new approach, straightforward C + + core.

8, "C + + Classic question and answer":

comp.lang.c++ essence, C + + programmer advanced must.

9, "exceptional C + +":

The famous network column guru of the essence of the week, 47 expert experience, all are wonderful.


1, "the C + + standard Library": Nicolai m.josuttis. Houtie/Meng Yan translation.

An Encyclopedia of the C + + standard library. For data collection, collation, analysis, examples, have a very superior performance.

2, "Effective STL": Scott Meyers.

In the process of deep application of STL, you will encounter some difficult problems and efficiency considerations. You need to know what to do and what to avoid. This book provides 50 expert terms.

3, "Generic programming and the STL": Mathew H.austem. Houtie/Huang Translation (Traditional).

It is a useful tool for both academic value and long-term reference value. STL Concepts and STL specifications No one can make it right. Complete STL specification files and examples.

4, "STL Source Analysis": Houtie.

Learn from the experts, learning memory management, algorithms, data structure of higher-order generic programming techniques. Let you know it and know why. Beautiful, key source code, rich annotations, will bring you the best learning effect.

5, "Modern C + + Design": Andrei Alexandrescu. Houtie translation. The generic technology is stunning. An attempt was made to combine generic technologies with design patterns. Create a precedent and lead the show alone.

6, "C + + STL": The authority of the father of STL.

7, "Generic Programming and STL": the most authoritative STL books, Houtie comments "a more alternative".

Other: 1, "in the Hou Junjie MFC": Reveal MFC's underlying mechanism.

2, "C + + Classic algorithm": Stanford University professor of disgusting, and "Art of computer Programming" the same algorithm masterpiece

C + + Textbook

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