C ++-based rrdtool command line encapsulation in Windows

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C ++-based rrdtool command line encapsulation in Windows


Rrdtool was thoroughly studied several days ago and found that rrdtool is rarely used on Windows platforms. It is generally used in self-drawing form to solve the problem, in Linux, many commercial and non-commercial software use rrdtool. For example, the monitoring zenoss and cacti.


I originally wanted to write this encapsulation using python, but it was estimated that it was not long before I learned how to implement python, so I gave up. So I should use C ++ ~~ Alas, a sigh!


Generally, you can use rrdtool to deal with events Based on Time Axis changes. As long as the X-axis is time, no matter how the y-axis changes, it is a change in data display. Here, I am not going to introduce the theoretical knowledge of SNMP and rrdtool and how to use the SNMP ++ library, which can be obtained by Google.


Through this encapsulation, the three core functions of creating the RRD library, updating the RRD library, and generating the RRD diagram are implemented, and the function of exporting data to XML files is also completed. All rrdtool encapsulation classes are inherited from rrdtoolbase. The three functional classes are rrdcreate, rrdupdate, and rrdgraph. For more information, see the source code.


Here are some useful resource links (the demo package contains some documents I have collected myself ):


Rrdtool official site http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/index.en.html.

Rrdtool tutorial 1. http://www.study-area.org/tips/rrdtool/rrdtool.html (first use Google to convert traditional to simplified and then look at it)

2. http://blog.csdn.net/ysuncn/category/324582.aspx



1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Network_Management_Protocol

2. http://www.networkdictionary.cn/protocols/snmp.php


SNMP ++:

1. http://www.agentpp.com/snmp_pp3_x/snmp_pp3_x.html


Okay, I want to go out with my girlfriend ~


: Http://chenyu2202863.download.csdn.net/

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