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1. Remove the DataGridView boot column (indicating the column where the arrow is)

Two attributes: Rowheadersvisible = false; Columnheadersvisibele = False

2. Select a row for DataGridView instead of a cell

Set Property SelectionMode to Fullrowselect

3. Set the GridView all columns to populate the parent layout:

Datagridview1.autosizecolumnsmode = Datagridviewautosizecolumnsmode.fill;

4. The setup form is displayed in the middle of the computer screen:

This. StartPosition = System.Windows.Forms.FormStartPosition.CenterScreen;

5.form Add Key_down event, press no response.

You need to set the value of the KeyPreview property in form to True

6. Prohibit users from changing DataGridView row, column height

DataGridView Properties: Allowusertoresizerows and Allowusertoresizecolumns set to False

7. Hide the DataGridView Cell box:

The Cellborderstyle property is set to None

8. Set a column to display a red font:

The third column is set to red font roomgridview.columns[2]. Defaultcellstyle.forecolor = color.red; 9. Set column header not clickable sort:

for (int i = 0; i < RoomGridView.Columns.Count i++) {//Set header click Sort function Not available Roomgridview.columns[i].                 SortMode = datagridviewcolumnsortmode.notsortable; } 10. To set a column cell text to center display:

Set second column cell contents centered

ROOMGRIDVIEW.COLUMNS[1]. Defaultcellstyle.alignment = Datagridviewcontentalignment.middlecenter;

11.c# add an underscore column to use the Datagridviewlinkcolumn column, when manually added, to display the text, add properties: datagridviewlinkcolumn LC = new Datagridviewlinkcolumn ();
Lc.             Name = "TEST"; Lc.             Text = "Test"; Lc. HeaderText = "Modify"; Lc. Usecolumntextforlinkvalue = true; 12. Modify Row Height:

The Height property under the Rowtemplate property.

13. Set column headings in the middle, sometimes not fully centered, but the left side of the solution:

Deep copy in 14.c#:

The 15.c# ToolTip property is used to implement the mouse hover prompt text effect.

16. Draw Split Line:

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