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In the learning process of the design model, delegation is an incomprehensible knowledge point. Especially after learning the proxy mode, you do not know what it is. Next, let's take a look at their respective instances to see the differences between the two.

A delegate is a type of reference method. Once a method is assigned to the Delegate, the delegate has the same behavior. The use of delegate methods can be the same as any other methods, with parameters and return values.
A delegate can be an abstraction of a function, that is, a class of a function. The delegated instance object represents a specific function.

Delegated instance:

Class Program {static void Main (string [] args) {Teacher Tc = new Teacher ("instructor Zhao "); // instantiate the instructor and Student St1 = new Student ("Zhang San"); Student St2 = new Student ("Li Si"); // delegate the Student's behavior to Tc. teacherCome + = new Teacher. eventHandler (St1.StopCopyWork); Tc. teacherCome + = new Teacher. eventHandler (St2.StopWhisper); Tc. come () ;}} class Teacher {private string name; public Teacher (string name) {this. name = name;} pu Blic delegate void EventHandler (); // declare a delegate EventHandler public event EventHandler TeacherCome; // declare the event name, the event type is EventHandler public void Come () // instructor behavior {Console. writeLine ("{0} is coming", name); if (TeacherCome! = Null) // If delegate is required, execute the following program {TeacherCome () ;}} class Student {private string name; public Student (string name) {this. name = name;} public void StopWhisper () {Console. writeLine ("instructor is here, {0} Stop Talking", name);} public void StopCopyWork () {Console. writeLine ("instructor is here, {0} Stop copying homework", name );}}

Running result:

<喎?http: www.bkjia.com kf ware vc " target="_blank" class="keylink"> VcD4KPHA + tpra7csjyr2juw.vcd4kpha + authorization + 1vcS/tcShozwvcD4KPHA + authorization = "brush: java;"> class Program {static void Main (string [] args) {SchoolGirl mm = new SchoolGirl (); mm. name = "jiaojiao"; Proxy daili = new Proxy (mm); daili. giveDolls (); daili. giveFlowers (); daili. giveChocolate () ;}} class SchoolGirl // defines the girl class {private string name; public string Name {get {return name ;}set {name = value ;}}} interface IGiveGift // create an interface for sending gifts {void GiveDolls (); void GiveFlowers (); void GiveChocolate ();} class Pursuit: IGiveGift // accesser class, use the gift sending interface {SchoolGirl mm; // the girl's name public Pursuit (SchoolGirl mm) {this. mm = mm;} public void GiveDolls () {Console. writeLine (mm. name + "");} public void GiveFlowers () {Console. writeLine (mm. name + "flowers for you");} public void GiveChocolate () {Console. writeLine (mm. name + "") ;}} class Proxy: IGiveGift // defines the Proxy mode, and also uses the gift sending interface {Pursuit gg; public Proxy (SchoolGirl mm) // The difference is that {gg = new Pursuit (mm);} public void GiveDolls () {gg. giveDolls ();} public void GiveFlowers () {gg. giveFlowers ();} public void GiveChocolate () {gg. giveChocolate ();}}
Running result:

Delegate and proxy comparison

Proxy: give some help to someone.

Delegate: when something happens, do it by the way. Delegation is equivalent to a trigger.

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