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Just now Netizens call opencv (http://topic.csdn.net/u/20101111/21/2ff7143a-f757-4d15-afcf-549fad89f37a.html? 28055) after some problems occurred, I installed the opencv website and tested it.



Opencv1.0 C ++ Builder6.0 is used here


I tested it just now. Everything went smoothly and succeeded.
Note: follow the steps after adding paths on the opencv Chinese site (http://www.opencv.org.cn/index.php/BCB%E4%B8%AD%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8OpenCV)
Here we need to do some work. What opencv says is not very clear. I want to write it clearly,
It is convenient to solve the problems that may occur according to the instructions of only installing opencv.
1. Add the C:/program files/opencv/bin path under library path:
2. "First select File> close all to close all documents. Choose tools> environment options. In the dialog box that appears, select the library tab, for example, set the Lib path, and click... next to the library path ..., In the pop-up window, click ..., Select a path and click Add to add the path C:/program files/opencv/lib ." (Original words of opencv)
Here we should add the path of your converted Lib, instead of the lib that comes with opencv.
Method: directly click Add file to project in the cb ide environment and select the converted lib file (the converted lib file must be the same as the original lib file ).
Or add:
# Pragma comment (Lib, "C:/cv. lib ")
# Pragma comment (Lib, "E:/cvaux. lib ")
After writing the code, you also need to add the library in the project-> options, directories/conditonals, libary path

Perform the following operations when converting Lib:

Put the ml. Lib of the VC to be converted in the C root directory,

Then generate the ml1.lib file in the new C ++ builder format,

This ml1.lib is the Lib file successfully called in C ++ builder.

The procedure is as follows:


C:/Documents and Settings/3860> coff2omf-Lib: Ms C:/ml. Lib bcb c:/ml1.lib // press Enter here

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