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The first thing we have to do is to first open the IIS (Internet Information Services), I use the WIN8 system, so here to the operation of the WIN8 system

First, some of the prior operations of IIS

1, open the Control Panel , and then enter the program

2. After entering the program we find the enable or turn off Windows features

3, after entering the Internet Information Services are selected, click OK

The above steps are all right. We'll go back to the control panel and find the management tools inside the system and security .

Click on "Admin Tools", the first one is our IIS, double-click to open it

We'll pop up the interface, and then we'll stop, and then we're going to release the WebService.

We can expand the site, in this directory has a "Default Web site", we right-click--> Management website--> Browse

This page appears to indicate that our previous IIS settings were successful .

Second, WebService release

We are now creating a webservice in VS2010

This is called WebService1 is our newly created webservice, next we right-click this webservice--> release-->

When you pop up this interface, select the file system and the interface becomes the following.

Choose the target location on your own, but we have to remember this target location, here I save it to D:\WebService here, click on "Release" We will be released.

Third, publish WebService on IIS

And then we go back to the previous IIS interface (the last interface in the first step), where we right-click on the--> to add the Web site

When we have the two things filled out, we click on the test settings to find out

Don't worry, turn this off first, we'll click on another button to "connect" out of this interface

We select specific user--> settings

Then there is this window, if you do not set the user name is the administrator, the password is set up on their own password, when these are all done, again click Test Connection before the error is gone

The following IP address you can modify, if you want to use in other places, you can set the IP address to the IP address of your computer, the port number can not be 80, because the other occupy, just change one can, and finally "OK" on the OK.

We can now also right button service--> management site--> Browse and then appear our own webservice.

Click on that Service1.asmx.

And our address becomes

The above is the entire content of this article, I hope to help you learn, but also hope that we support the cloud habitat community.

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