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If you want to create an interface with beautiful skin, the skin replacement controls (ranking in no particular order) described below are basically registered at the expense of money. If you are depressed, you can consider your own texture implementation.

1. irisskin

Irisskin has two versions. One is irisskin. dll used for. Net framework1.0/1.1 and irisskin2.dll for. Net framework2.0. For details, see the help document of the Installation File.

In addition, Dongri has two cool menus: matrixmenu and wheelmenu.

(For more information, see http://www.sunisoft.cn/irisskin ).

2. Skin ++

This is a skin change control I used originally. By adding a com reference, I initialize a skin object and introduce the SSK file through initializeskin for skin replacement. (For more information, see http://www.uipower.com ).

3. dotnetskin

The usage of dotnetskin is similar to that of irisskin. In addition, the website provides several cool-free controls,

The buttons, radiobutton, checkbox, And the xpbutton of the codeproject have a fight.

(For more information, see http://www.dotnetskin.net ).

4. skincrafter

The usage of skincrafter is similar to that of skin ++. Both Add a com reference and add a few statements to load the skin and apply the skin. Skincrafter also provides skin replacement software for Windows installer.

(For more information, see http://www.skincrafter.com ).

5. appface

Appface supports the most languages and development environments I have seen. Net is a little more complex than the previous 4, but it's almost the same as the demo, or the use of several functions.

(For more information, see http://www.appface.net ).

6. skinengine

Alcyonesoft introduces skinengine, which supports the same number of languages as appface. Its usage is similar to skin ++ and skincrafter. (For more information, see http://www.ksdev.com)


Dotnetmagic provides many nice controls (http://www.dotnetmagic.com ),

Dotnetbar many creative, dazzling controls (http://www.devcomponents.com)

Many nice controls of divelements (http://www.divelements.co.uk)

In addition, it is in China. Net Control Network has collected a lot. Net controls (http://www.dnc.com.cn)

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