C # polymorphism (popular understanding)

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Here casually talk about polymorphism, read the above inheritance and then look at this article.

Polymorphism: The same method is called by the different objects implemented by the inheritance, showing different behavior.

The previous foreground call code is as follows:

1 namespaceConsoleApplication72 {3     class Program4     {5         Static voidMain (string[] args)6         {7Dog dog =NewDog ();8Dog. Name ="Bones";9 Dog. Show ();Ten             //Output Results//Puppies like to eat: Bones One  A  -Cat cat =NewCat (); -Cat. Name ="Fish"; the Cat. Show (); -             //Output Results//Kittens like to eat: Fish -  -Mouse Mouse =NewMouse (); +Mouse. Name ="Rice"; - Mouse. Show (); +             //Output Results//mice like to eat: Fish A  atPanda Panda =NewPanda (); -Panda. Name ="Bamboo"; - Panda. Show (); -             //Output Results//pandas like to eat: Fish -  - Console.readkey (); in  -         } to     } +}

As you can see, every animal class is an object.

Dog's target: Dog

Cat's object: Cat

Object of the mouse: mouse

Panda's object: Panda

For these animals to implement the show () method, you declare each object, which says, polymorphism is: different objects invoke the same method, showing different behavior.

And all sorts of animal classes inherit the animal class, and the code goes like this:

1 namespaceConsoleApplication72 {3      Public classAnimal4     {5         protected stringname;6          Public stringName7         {8             Get{returnname;}9             Set{name ="Fresh."+value;}Ten         } One          Public Virtual voidShow () A         { -Console.WriteLine ("I'm the father of all kinds of animals."); -         } the     } -  -      Public classCat:animal -     { +          Public Override voidShow () -         { +Console.WriteLine ("Kittens like to eat:"+name); A         } at     } -  -      Public classDog:animal -     { -          Public Override voidShow () -         { inConsole.WriteLine ("Kittens like to eat:"+name); -         } to     } +  -      Public classMouse:animal the     { *          Public Override voidShow () $         {Panax NotoginsengConsole.WriteLine ("mice like to eat:"+name); -         } the     } +  A      Public classPanda:animal the     { +          Public Override voidShow () -         { $Console.WriteLine ("pandas like to eat:"+name); $         } -     } -  the}

Front Code:

1 namespaceConsoleApplication72 {3     class Program4     {5         Static voidMain (string[] args)6         {7 8 Animal Animal;9Animal =NewDog ();TenAnimal. Name ="Bones"; One Animal. Show (); A  -Animal =NewCat (); -Animal. Name ="Fish"; the Animal. Show (); -  -Animal =NewMouse (); -Animal. Name ="Rice"; + Animal. Show (); -  +Animal =NewPanda (); AAnimal. Name ="Panda"; at Animal. Show (); -  - Console.readkey (); -  -         } -     } in}


Puppies like to eat: fresh bones

Kittens like to eat: fresh fish

Rats like to eat: fresh rice

Pandas like to eat: fresh bamboo

Animal objects are assigned different instances, but animal only call the show () method to get different results.

C # polymorphism (popular understanding)

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