[C #] The operator "+" cannot be applied to operands of the "string" and "method group" types.

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C # One of the annoying programming habits is that after the get method of an object is automatically prompted, you are not given brackets. This is still the case when the object is promoted to any this point, if you are not careful, it's really crazy.

I just made another small mistake. It's too light to trust C #.CodeThe prompt function. This method will not add parentheses to you after the prompt, for example, the following section:

// Concatenate SQL statement row 184: String STR = "Update trialdoc set" + row 185: "doclastedittimer = '" + Doc. getdoclastedittimer () + "'where id =" + Doc. GETID + "";

Suddenly, the brackets of GETID were lost. The result is a tragic reminder:

Compiler error message: cs0019: The operator "+" cannot be applied to operands of the "string" and "method group" types

Therefore, sometimes we should not be lazy. If we are lazy and have to bear the consequences, we have to be flexible in mind. We have brackets in front and we lose our heads.

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