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Today, I went to demonstrate a management system to the customer. Early in the morning, I ran away. I didn't expect the crystal report to be unavailable, prompting keycodev2.dll or invalid password. The boss of the company also went far away, wasting a whole morning. Really depressing
I searched my post this afternoon and finally got it done.
1) create a "installation and deployment project" --> "installation wizard"
(2) select the project type (here, select "create an installer for windows applications") --> Next
(3) select the file to be included: deploy and use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio. NET 2003 program, you need to add the merging Module (right-click the top node of the tree in Solution Explorer --> add ).
VC_User_CRT71_RTL_X86 _ ---. msm
VC_User_STL71_RTL_X86 _ ---. msm
You can find the replaced merging Module in the 'C: Program FilesCommon FilesMerge les 'folder.
(4) open solution --> right-click the properties of Crystal_regwiz2003.msm, and fill in "License Key" in "MergeMouduleProperties: * ************************** (this is the registration code used to generate the Crystal Report. !)
(5) generate a solution

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