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XML in winform, Asp. net, Java, Ajax development and other applications, as well as basic operations on XML documents, such as XPath retrieval nodes. currently, XML is widely used and configured for storage, simple data storage, and cross-platform data transmission. It is active in Web Services and Ajax development technology applications.

Understanding XML Series

Understanding XML series (II)-creating well-formed XML documents

Master XML series (3) --- create a well-formed ELE. Me XML document Extension

Understanding XML series (4) --- creating well-formed XML documents

Getting started with XML

C # discovery tour lecture C #-XML Development


C # Read and Write XML files

How to Use the _ net configuration file

LINQ to XML learning-1. Overview of LINQ to XML

LINQ to XML learning-2. Overview of LINQ to XML Programming

LINQ to XML learning-3. query, update, and delete

Use LINQ to XML to quickly create your own RSS

Microsoft XML visual editor: XML notepad 2007


XML tutorial series (1)

XML tutorial series (II)

XML tutorial series (III)

XML tutorial series (4)

XML tutorial series (5)


XML classic tutorial

Use System. XML to read and write XML documents

"The XML page cannot be displayed in ASP. net2.0. XML input cannot be viewed using the XSL style sheet. "Problem Solving


Openxml: insert barchart chart in Excel

Use xmlreader to read Excel 2007 files

Treeview <=> XML example code in winform

Winform: Use the webbrowser to display XML with XSLT, XML, and XSLT to convert HTML strings

Ready to rock shake the Future (4) -- XML analysis summary of vs2005 report designer



XSLT preliminary


XSLT Quick Start

XML Summary of XSLT Conversion

Implement a tree navigation using XSLT


No XSLT training materials for the week!

Comprehensive XSLT tutorials

XSLT template conversion XML document

How to Use XSLT

Use XSLT to create and send HTML mail templates


XSLT learning notes

Simple use of XSLT [XML --> HTML]

Use XML + XSLT to implement business forms

Using XSLT and XML, Ajax implements an infinitely hierarchical tree navigation

Use XML + Asp.net to create simple site navigation and manage site links



XSLT tutorial

XSLT Quick Start

Format XML files with XSLT

XML file operations in XSLT

Differences between XSL and XSLT

C # Processing and solving the problem of HTML element output in XML + XSLT Conversion



XPath tutorial

XPath simple syntax

The most popular XPath tutorial (zz)

XPath encounters a namespace

Fuzzy search for XML using xpath

Use XPath to parse HTML to get webpage content


XPath syntax

XPath Selector

Basic XPath usage

XPath explanation, summary

XPath introduction (Author: Zeng Qiao)


XPath Functions

XPath manual [from zvon]
Abstract: [Note:] This manual is developed from the zvon version. Anyone interested in jquery can take a look.Source code] Read the full text

XPath encounters namespace Abstract: for mobile MISC access, analyze the SOAP requests sent to the SP Side. Code Demonstrate how to select a node with a namespace named XML

Javascript + CSS + XML full Tree Selection

Continued: use XML to print general web reports (Implementation)

How to use JavaScript XSLT to process XML files (Firefox supported)


Use XPath in dom4j

Java XML operations Summary

Sample Code for Dom operations on XML

Use domj4 API to create and modify XML documents


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