C, C + +, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby are these languages used primarily to develop what?

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This paste pure science use, the following is only the main use, other uses limited to the length of the relationship omitted, do not go into the dead.

C: System bottom, driver, embedded bottom, basic service program.
C + +: Upper service program, Application API, large 3D game.
Java: Server-side applications, and client applications.
JS: A program that runs in a browser.
Php:web the server-side program for generating web pages.
Python: Any application with no graphical interface, based on server-side applications.
Ruby: Mainly used for RoR frameworks, less used in other areas. Swoole:php language's high-performance network communication Framework provides the PHP language for asynchronous multi-threaded servers, asynchronous TCP/UDP network clients, asynchronous MySQL, database connection pooling, Asynctask, Message Queuing, millisecond timers, asynchronous file read and write, asynchronous DNS queries.

Swoole is used to replace C++,java to develop server-side programs that are more efficient to develop.
asynchronous, parallel, distributed extension of swoole:php Opposed to all the "C + +" confused argument.

Reprint a Picture:

Seen a long time ago, use a knife to tease out common programming languages. Imaginative achievement here, inexpressible. C: Cooperate with the Assembly to write the operating system, system infrastructure. There are also used to make big games, but a little egg hurts.
C + +: more complex but particularly efficient facilities, such as large-scale games, some base libraries, and large desktop applications.
Java: Development is easy and error-prone. The network server side uses many, especially the enterprise Management class application. In addition, there are often scientific programs that use swing for this cock-Silk gui.
JavaScript: Web client script. In recent years, node. JS is used for server-side development.
PHP: Primarily a network front-end for generating web pages. You can also use PHP for the entire Web server, such as many forum engines.
Python: There are actually everything. such as the daily use of scientific research scripts, system management, some less complex GUI programs, Web servers and so on. In addition, there are many desktop programs, games using Python as the scripting engine.
Ruby: It seems like the main use of Ruby on Rails for web development. ask yourself a self-answer
Senior, this question is a freshman time asked, we only see the question I ask questions, do not know my motives behind the question, the reason for this problem is because at that time just into the university, very confused, do not know what to learn, in the library and online to see a variety of language technology, do not know where to start.
If someone does not know how to choose these techniques and see this problem, I can give you some help.
Choose a language, mainly to see what you intend to do in the future development.
C, C + + is biased algorithm class, generally need to compare strong data structure and algorithm ability, if you are good at this aspect, took the ACM Contest champion or TopCoder this kind of website of the great God, graduation not afraid to find work.
Not that other languages do not require the ability of data structures and algorithms, program = algorithm + data structure, but not as obvious as C.
Java, PHP, Python, Ruby These languages have its beauty and scope of use, the most common is to do server background development, you need to learn a variety of frameworks, understanding object-oriented.
JavaScript is the scripting language of the browser, general and html,css these together, mainly to do the front-end development of the site, showing a variety of cool pictures.

In fact sometimes, the best choice is no choice, too many choices, but will be overwhelmed.
How do you try this language, and look at this language, think that the language has shortcomings, feel that the language is too troublesome, and to take refuge in other languages, will only accomplish nothing.
Choose, you need to understand it deeply, to contain it, each language has its limitations. Theoretically any language can do almost anything, but the main thing is not the same, just the language you mentioned I have a lot of understanding, I give you a simple answer:
C: System bottom, drive, embedded development.
C + +: Game development, large-scale, high-performance, distributed requirements for program development (e.g. communication programs)
Java: Web, Enterprise Development, general application software, game backstage
Javascript:web ago, WebApp, now with node. JS is also quite suitable for the backstage. If anyone wants to learn only one language (which is unrealistic), then I only recommend JS.
PHP: Is the background of the web, there are weak connection game backstage.
Python: Very handy for everyday scripting tools. Or use Django to develop a Web page backstage, but less.
Ruby:ruby on Rails is the king of the Fast development of small web sites in the background.

Forget where you saw it, and say it's very interesting.


PHP is your bloom sweetheart, she is puppy love you this summer silly pursuit of the goal. Play a play can, but never put too deep, because this girl has serious problems.

Ruby is a very beautiful child in the Scripting family. At first glance at her, your soul will be taken away by her beauty. She is also very interesting. At first she looked a bit slow and not stable, but she had matured a lot in recent years.

Python is a more sensible sister of Ruby. She is elegant, trendy and mature. She may be too good. A lot of guys would say, "Hey, bro, how could you not fall in love with Python?" ”。 Yes, you like Python. You think of her as a ruby with a fever of temper and romance.

Java is a woman with a successful career. Many of the people she worked with felt that her ability was not a match for her position, and that she was more impressed by the skills of middle managers. You may think she is a wise man, and you are willing to follow her. But you have to be ready for years to hear the "You used the wrong interface, you missed a semicolon" such blame.

C + + is the cousin of Java. She is similar to Java in many places, but she grew up in a naïve age and did not think it was necessary to use "protective measures". Of course, "protection measures" refers to automatic memory management. What do you think I'm referring to?

C is the mother of C + +. For some old gray-haired programmers, the name will brighten their eyes and create endless memories.

Objective another member of the C-C language family. She joined a strange church and was reluctant to date anyone outside the church.

Be proficient in any one of them and you will be able to live comfortably!
It's not a problem to be proficient in any of the other studies!
In fact, language is just a way to solve computer problems in different fields!
So don't care what it is! Find a learning that you can read. ~c/c++ theoretically can do any development, as long as there is a suitable hardware driver and API, characterized by high efficiency, basically the most efficient compiler language inside. (it is said that Java background processing a single statement efficiency is close to C + +, but Java has a few mishap can not be overcome, memory consumption is too large, this is the C + + explosion, image processing, because the JVM virtual machine relationship, so the image processing efficiency is low, also is the thread switch, Java threads are handled by the JVM virtual machine, and because of the extra layer, the thread is much less efficient.
JS does not understand ...
Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP belong to the same class, are scripting languages, the feature is not to compile, development efficiency (many of the definition of logic does not have to consider), but at the same time inefficient, general sa like such language. At the same time this kind of language also has the structure which is suitable to build the website, this I do not know very much, but constructs the website many things to be similar, the load big time often can improve the efficiency by using C to rewrite some architectures and optimizes the server. In this regard, some websites favor Python because Pythong is written in C + +, you can use lib*.so instead of some of the less efficient modules written by Python.

To cite a few examples, QQ Qqmail seems to be using CGI. That is, written in C + +. Facebook was first developed in PHP (because of its high efficiency, mark is more familiar with PHP, Mark is the front-end programmer ...). ), and then use C to rewrite the module and database to speed up. Many web site backend is written in Java (Java is suitable for back-end development, because Java sentence execution efficiency and C + +), like some games, such as the Paladin is used in C + + development, Doom is also used in C + + D3D API developed. To shift's answer to the end of the three are said to be more than correct
PHP: Mainly in fastcgi mode to return the information stream, so as the server mode efficiency will be better, suitable for a single point of the program development; For example, Web is the main way to generate information on the Internet.

Python: Easy to reference the composition and the simple language, in many places has the use, by the Web engine, the game development, and even the single machine has its own frame, but also because of its balance, lets the developers use the same language to develop, but the opposite is not outstanding apparent.

Ruby: Because of the inefficient CPU and memory problems. Today is mainly two purposes, 1. As the basis for Ror Web Rad, 2. As a game engine in two languages.

C + + is a system-level, low-level language, but its language characteristics are rich enough to make it a large, rich system.
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