C, C + +, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby are these languages used primarily to develop what?

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C, C + +, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby are these languages used primarily to develop what?

Pansz, Welcome CommentsThis paste pure science use, the following is only the main use, other uses limited to the length of the relationship omitted, do not go into the dead.

C: System bottom, driver, embedded bottom, basic service program.
C + +: Upper service program, Application API, large 3D game.
Java: Server-side applications, and client applications.
JS: A program that runs in a browser.
Php:web the server-side program for generating web pages.
Python: Any application with no graphical interface, based on server-side applications.
Ruby: Mainly used for RoR frameworks, less used in other areas. Xi Yang, To stare at ...... .. ........C: Cooperate with the Assembly to write the operating system, system infrastructure. There are also used to make big games, but a little egg hurts.
C++: more complex but particularly need for efficient facilities, such as large-scale games, some base libraries, and large desktop applications.
Java: Development is easy and error-prone. The network server side uses many, especially the enterprise Management class application. In addition, there are often scientific programs that use swing for this cock-Silk gui.
JavaScript: Web client script. In recent years, node. JS is used for server-side development.
PHP: Primarily a network front-end for generating web pages. You can also use PHP for the entire Web server, such as many forum engines.
Python: There are actually everything. such as the daily use of scientific research scripts, system management, some less complex GUI programs, Web servers and so on. In addition, there are many desktop programs, games using Python as the scripting engine.
Ruby: It seems like the main use of Ruby on Rails to do web development Uncle Creepy, I think the water quiz and product type question and answer are too flood, ...C + + theory can do any development, as long as the appropriate hardware drivers and APIs, characterized by high efficiency, basically the compiler language inside the most efficient. (it is said that Java background processing a single statement efficiency is close to C + +, but Java has a few mishap can not be overcome, memory consumption is too large, this is the C + + explosion, image processing, because the JVM virtual machine relationship, so the image processing efficiency is low, also is the thread switch, Java threads are handled by the JVM virtual machine, and because of the extra layer, the thread is much less efficient.
JS does not understand ...
Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP belong to the same class, are scripting languages, the feature is not to compile, development efficiency (many of the definition of logic does not have to consider), but at the same time inefficient, general sa like such language. At the same time this kind of language also has the structure which is suitable to build the website, this I do not know very much, but constructs the website many things to be similar, the load big time often can improve the efficiency by using C to rewrite some architectures and optimizes the server. In this regard, some websites favor Python because Pythong is written in C + +, you can use lib*.so instead of some of the less efficient modules written by Python.

To cite a few examples, QQ Qqmail seems to be using CGI. That is, written in C + +. Facebook was first developed in PHP (because of its high efficiency, mark is more familiar with PHP, Mark is the front-end programmer ...). ), and then use C to rewrite the module and database to speed up.  Many web site backend is written in Java (Java is suitable for back-end development, because Java sentence execution efficiency and C + +), like some games, such as the Paladin is used in C + + development, Doom is also used in C + + D3D API developed. Nine Days Goose Ling, Program Ape Siege Division theoretically any language can do almost anything, but it's not the same thing., I know how much you speak the language, I will give you a simple answer:
C/C + +: Game development, large-scale, high-performance, distributed requirements for program development (such as communication programs), c. also suitable for embedded.
Java: Web, Enterprise Development, general application software, game backstage
Javascript:webapp, now with node. JS is also quite suitable for the backstage.
PHP: Is the background of the web, there are weak connection game backstage.
Python: Very handy for everyday scripting tools. or develop a Web page backstage, but less.
Ruby:ruby on Rails is the king of the Fast development of small web sites in the background.

C, C + +, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby are these languages used primarily to develop what?

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