c#_ layouts, container controls, Print controls, dialog box controls

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      Anchor: Lock Position
Dock: Fill Location
              ---| The general dock is used in conjunction with container controls |---

Container controls:

Panel: is a region, similar to a div, can be individually laid out, and allows other controls and containers to be laid out inside it again

FlowLayoutPanel: Streaming layout container, the content will default from left to right, if the width is not enough, then wrap the line

GroupBox: still a container, with all panel properties, more headings and border styles than panel

TabControl: tab Container

SplitContainer: two partition container

TableLayoutPanel: table Container

Print Controls:

PrintDocument: The object to be printed, very important The program does not know what you want to print, it will only go to the object to be printed you have to do, is to print the content to draw to this print object up

PageSetupDialog: Print Setup dialog box

PrintPreviewControl: Print Preview control PrintPreviewDialog: Print Preview dialog box

PrintDialog: Print dialog box

  DialogResult specifies an identifier to indicate the return value of the dialog box.  
Namespaces: System.Windows.Forms

Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll)

DialogResult: is an enumeration class that can be instantiated to receive user actions in a dialog box

DialogResult dr = Printdialog1.showdialog ();

if (dr = = DialogResult.OK)//If the user clicks on the OK button, then perform print {Printdocument1.print ();}

The return value of the OK dialog box is ok (usually sent from a button labeled OK).  

dialog box controls:

ColorDialog: Color selection dialog box

FolderBrowserDialog: File path selection dialog box

FontDialog: Font selection dialog box

                                    ↓ Format ↓

OpenFileDialog: Open File dialog box openfiledialog1.filter = "text file. txt|*.txt| video file |*.avi| all Files |*.*";

SaveFileDialog: Save File dialog box problem: If I have saved it, then you do not need to pop up the dialog box in the second save, but do save directly.

absolute path : G:\0720\ with drive letter ...

relative path: According to the directory of your current program, find a folder/css/css1.css

Stream: IO

   StreamReader-Read Flow Sr. ReadToEnd ();

StreamWriter-Output stream SW. Write (the content to be exported);

c#_ layouts, container controls, Print controls, dialog box controls

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