Can a girl enter the IT industry as a Linux O & M engineer?

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Can a girl enter the IT industry as a Linux O & M engineer?

Can a girl enter the IT industry as a Linux O & M engineer? Recommended Source: Linux Quick news review

I don't know when there was an unwritten Theory: girls are not suitable for IT. In the opinion of many people, IT is a men's world. IT is incredible for girls to learn IT. In traditional thinking, girls are only suitable for stable occupations such as teachers, accounting personnel, and civil servants. However, with this inexplicable concept and theory being gradually broken, the proportion of men and women in the IT industry has gradually become balanced. However, this does not mean that there is no gender discrimination, and the concept is not so easy to break. It affects everyone, including yourself. So how do you stand in the IT field as a girl, and how do you take the long run?

Confirm your heart

Before you decide to engage in IT, may you ask if you really love computer? Can this career bring you closer to your dreams. No industry excludes two words: "interest ". If you are very interested in this industry, I believe that no matter how hard your efforts are, you will enjoy it.

Gender discrimination in the IT industry may not be very friendly to you as a girl. Some old school people have started to question before you do not have a job, or are unfair at work, or from the pressure of friends and family members, think that you should engage in a so-called stable career. At this time, you will be confused and question your choice, it is normal. But as long as you still have a passion for this profession and a pursuit of it, it will be difficult but you will stick to it (It is really good to buy a copy of "Linux should be so learned" later ).

Develop your own professional skills

Not to mention professional skills. to excel in an industry, you must have excellent skills. In IT, technology is everything. Don't feel like you are not a human.

There are many specialized technologies in the IT industry: UI/front-end/back-end/database/system O & M/network ...... They want to be proficient in what they can do for more than a year and a half. Think about what you are interested in, and then learn from the beginning to the proficient.

However, no matter what the field is, I suggest learning about linux. There are mainly the following reasons:

Linux is becoming increasingly popular and is the future development trend. Every detail in every corner of life is backed by linux support. Many mobile phones, handheld computers, and tablets use Linux operating systems. In 2016, windows could not resist the temptation to declare that they "fell in love" with linux. As an IT elite, you have been directly or indirectly engaged with linux at work, I am not familiar with the latest knowledge and the most popular skills. What are you waiting for in the IT industry?

The philosophy of Linux will make you addicted. The biggest difference between Windows and linux is that windows assumes that users do not know what they want, what they are doing, and are not responsible for their own actions. Linux assumes that users know what they want, what they are doing, and are responsible for their actions. On a linux system, you can enjoy absolute freedom. Everything about it is based on the premise that users know what they want to do, if you want to have a Linux system, you can look at the here

As a Linux beginner, the first access to the command interface may be dumb, and you may feel overwhelmed. The black and white characters and pure command lines are a little mysterious, but what's important is that you won't operate it. At this time, you just need to repeat the command one by one with reference materials. As the saying goes, "Everything starts hard." as the core of linux, the command line is inevitable. At the beginning, a little effort will help beginners to learn about Linux and lay a solid foundation! After all, the more convenient the things, the more difficult it is to get people into touch with the underlying things. For example, if two buttons of the same size are "OK" and "cancel", you can easily press the wrong button. However, if you press OK and cancel, the error rate will be greatly reduced. After all, the two letters differ by several buttons. This may have no serious consequences in the daily life of many people. At most, it is because the flash sales have not been completed in seconds, or the Word documents of one afternoon have not been saved. However, in a business environment, you may have deleted or modified all user information, which is not visible to any company. For beginners, we recommend that you start with CLI, because CLI will always be a good friend of Linux learners.

As an authentic Linux old bird, it is as easy as eating, such as batch file operations and command line operations (such as batch conversion of image formats, one mogrify-format jpg * after imagemagick is installed *. png), and saves a lot of system resources occupied by unnecessary guis.

GUI is the biggest feature of Windows, but it is only a part of Linux. In Linux, users can choose to use the graphic interface because it is not integrated into the Linux kernel. Further, Linux can use graphical tools to complete all the work, or use commands. Windows, however, has deeply integrated the graphic interface into the system. Therefore, Linux is easy to use and Windows is easy to understand.

In addition, in this era of intellectual property rights, the source code is only in the hands of a few people. However, linux has made a bold and historic step. You can propose ideas for modifying source code or improving existing bugs in the linux community anytime and anywhere. Linux is a free software, and of course it is not infinitely free. The reason why it uses the GNU General Public License as a restriction is to allow more people to enjoy such changes and other rights, the goal is to achieve the largest liberalization. In the course of continuous development, Linux kernel has become a hot operating system from the initial small-capacity operation mode, and has to admit that, sharing of kernel source code and collaborative development on the Internet is an important way to success. In English words, "share" is a very important word. Sharing technology, sharing everyone's knowledge about and modifications to the kernel is what Microsoft cannot do. In this world, freedom is what we want to pursue. Of course, software is no exception.

Of course, the biggest reason is that linux is really easy to use and fun. In this world, you are God and can play as you like. You don't need to perform disk fragment management on a regular basis, and you don't have to worry about it if you don't shut down for a few days. Even if something goes wrong, you can troubleshoot the problem more easily than your boyfriend, no? It is not easy to get started with linux, but many geeks have contributed a lot in linux, so that beginners can avoid detours. I would like to recommend this article "linux should learn this way" to my sisters. I believe you will be half a linuxer if you perform an experiment based on the books!

In addition, make some plans for your career, set goals for yourself every year, what kind of people you want to be, what kind of things you want to do, and what kind of progress you can make every year. Ten years of grinding a sword, not impatient, step by step.

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