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Often on the Internet to see the students have tried to find the SQL Server database versions, see other people's help stickers on the unconscious want to help them, but one to help and not too realistic, after all, personal Energy Limited, since we have the demand, So the author is willing to share and dedication of the spirit to help everyone to collect the SQL Server Simplified Chinese Enterprise version of all versions (sql2014/2012/2008/2005/2000), why only provide enterprise download it? Because whether you are a student or a work researcher, the Enterprise Edition is one of the most versatile versions, such as the Enterprise Edition, which integrates the SQL Server Management Studio Management Interface (commonly known as Enterprise Manager's visual Interface), in work learning, Can avoid a lot of the version of the function caused by unnecessary trouble, the following is also the United States Network small series carefully collected for everyone.

Both versions of SQL Server are downloaded and corresponding service pack patches are downloaded.

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SQL Server 2014 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

File name: cn_sql_server_2014_enterprise_edition

32-bit: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2014_enterprise_edition_x86_dvd_3932303.iso|2420928512| 8943af1fdfd5b9c0566a0bf818f666da|/

64-bit: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2014_enterprise_edition_x64_dvd_3932882.iso|2898847744| a33ce10cd989083d1ad882df0d56cfbe|/

SQL Server 2012 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition


32-bit: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2012_enterprise_edition_with_sp1_x86_dvd_1458050.iso|3672942592| 96729e6bd45e6c8980990d1d1c47c1d8|/

64-bit: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2012_enterprise_edition_with_sp1_x64_dvd_1234495.iso|4231520256| eb9f35cac10578613a6e9d56090baf06|/

SQL Server R2 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

File name: cn_sql_server_2008_r2_enterprise

32-bit/64-bit: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2008_r2_enterprise_x86_x64_ia64_dvd_522233.iso|4662884352| 1db025218b01b48c6b76d6d88630f541|/

SQL Server 2008 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

File name: zh-hans_sql_server_2008_enterprise

32-bit/64-bit: ed2k://|file|zh-hans_sql_server_2008_enterprise_x86_x64_ia64_dvd_x14-89199.iso|3517124608| 60e7aa741e6f52146fb250dca8b94c49|/

32-bit SP1 patch Download: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2008_sp1_x86.exe|281546576| a8dda768996ec0ba4b0dc598c32d5752|/

64-bit SP1 patch Download: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2008_sp1_x64.exe|345794384|175f15d8d177d5608699c0dd35994382|/

SQL Server 2005 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

File name: cs_sql_2005_ent

32-bit: ed2k://|file|cs_sql_2005_ent_x86_dvd.iso|972310528|4ceef4b959894fd78c8f8416b4ba533e|/

32-bit SP3 patch Download: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2005_sp3_x86.exe|358596448|49af3285d7bb811ab7d99d746dd10b12|/

64-bit: ed2k://|file|cs_sql_2005_ent_x64_dvd.iso|1019222016|10fd11133a3e70dad665bedc1090ad28|/

64-bit SP3 patch Download: ed2k://|file|cn_sql_server_2005_sp3_x64.exe|413164384| e790a8bfc54ded65adfcd5b229e530b1|/

SQL Server 2000 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

File name: sc_sql_2000a_ent

: ed2k://|file|sc_sql_2000a_ent.iso|476887040|1f224f6d9c757492e2388a55504e5266|/

SP4 Patch Download: Http://

Carefully collated SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005/2000 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition

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