CentOS 5.5 app server shear ruling version, lite version, ISO File Download

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Centos 5.5 app server shear ruling version, lite version, iso File Download
Because the original iso file is large (dvd4.5 g, and a CD 8), many services are installed by default, and the installation steps are cumbersome (it is not easy for new users). It is not convenient to download or install and use it, A lot of services and files are used only when there are few or special services. For this reason, you want to customize and streamline such a small, easy to install and easy to use simplified version, some common options are automatically installed and optimized to facilitate installation and use. Basically, installation is an optimal system, which greatly facilitates installation and use, it is even more convenient for users who are unfamiliar with or often need to install systems (such as IDCs.

Iso version Overview
[My linux makes linux easier to use] This version is customized and streamlined Based on centos 5.5. It is a customized version and also a lite version. It mainly removes most of the uncommonly used software packages, the system basic package and web Application Basic Package are filtered and updated and optimized to achieve the minimum optimization. some commonly used tool kits, such as iptraf, nmap, sysstat, strace, tcpdump, and curl, are added to facilitate routine maintenance and troubleshooting, it can also integrate powerful server and virtual host management systems, such as webmin and ispconfig.
It is divided into i386 (32-bit) and x86 (64-bit) versions, which are about MB in size. A single disc is more convenient than several original discs or a DVD disk. faster download. in addition, this iso will simplify the installation process. You only need to prompt and set the password and ip address. The others are automatic. The entire installation takes about 5 minutes, you can install a system. it is more convenient, concise, and fast. for some data center staff or who are not so familiar with linux, it is time-saving and convenient. Why not?

For webmasters, the integrated web application version is more convenient. Even if users do not understand linux, they can easily install and use linux servers. This saves a lot of manpower and material resources...

The latest version is simplified and customized based on centos 5.5. Integrated with lamp and lnmp end-level installation versions and wdcp server/VM management system, lamp and lnmp are fully installed after the system is installed. you can create sites, ftp accounts, database tutorials, upload programs, and webpages in the wdcp background.
The installation is simple, convenient, and fast. The entire installation process can be completed in just a few operations. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the installation.

In three versions
Integrated lamp (linux + apache + mysql tutorial + php tutorial shorthand) + zend + eaccelerator + wdcp please see http://www.wdlinux.cn/wdlinux_lamp
Integrated lnmp (linux + nginx + mysql + php abbreviated) + zend + eaccelerator + wdcp please see http://www.wdlinux.cn/wdlinux_lnmp
The base version, that is, the basic version, does not include the web environment, is a minimal installation of linux system plus some Toolkit

The differences between lamp, lnmp, and base are:
Lamp and lnmp will automatically format the hard disk and partition (do not install iso here if you have important data)
The base version needs to be divided manually, and it is only a minimal system without services and environments installed.

Three main features
1 simple installation, fast, convenient, minimum and optimal
2. Integrated web environment installation, lamp, lnmp. (apache/nginx + mysql + php + zend + eaccelerator)
3. Integrated wdcp server/VM management system

(32-bit and 64-bit)
Lamp installation
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_lamp_32.iso
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_lamp_64.iso

Lnmp Installation
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_lnmp_32.iso
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_lnmp_64.iso

Base installation version
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_base_32.iso
The http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_base_64.iso

Download the original centos5.5



1. The iso installation package is automatically partitioned and the hard disk is formatted. If it is not a new system, do not use this installation. (If data is lost, I am not responsible for this installation)
2 for testing or learning, it is strongly recommended to use virtual machine environment installation, such as vm http://www.wdlinux.cn/doc/vm.mht
3 if you need to partition your own, you can download the wdlinux_base installation version of the installation system, and then download the one-click installation package of lanmp and the wdcp management system.

This update
1. The limit of 30 GB space required by the VM is canceled.
2 lamp, lnmp partition Adjustment
3 integrated wdcp Server Management System http://www.wdlinux.cn/wdcp


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