CentOS disables Linux Firewall (iptables) and SELinux

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CentOS disables Linux Firewall (iptables) and SELinux

1. Disable the Firewall

1. It takes effect permanently after restart:

Enable: chkconfig iptables on

Close: chkconfig iptables off

2. It takes effect immediately and becomes invalid after restart:

Enable: service iptables start

Disable: service iptables stop

When the firewall is enabled, make the following settings to enable the relevant port, modify the/etc/sysconfig/iptables file, and add the following content:

-A input-m state -- state NEW-m tcp-p tcp -- dport 80-j ACCEPT # Allow port 80 to pass the Firewall

-A input-m state -- state NEW-m tcp-p tcp -- dport 3306-j ACCEPT # Allow port 3306 to pass the Firewall

Note: many users add these two rules to the last line of the firewall configuration, resulting in firewall startup failure,

The correct rule should be added to the default port 22.

Ii. Disable SELinux

Vim/etc/selinux/config # change to SELINUX = disabled

# Save and exit, restart the server

Init 6

Disable SeLinux

# Permanently disabled. Restart to take effect.

Sed-I's/SELINUX = enforcing/SELINUX = disabled/G'/etc/selinux/config

# Temporarily disabled, no need to restart

Setenforce 0

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