Centos (Linux) root file system, centoslinux

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Centos (Linux) root file system, centoslinux

/The following files

/Boot: files related to system startup, such as kernel, inittrd, and MBR grub

/Dev: device file:

Block devices: Random Access, data blocks such as USB

Character device: Linear access. Unit: Mouse, buttons, and display.

Device No.: master device No. and sub-device No.

/Etc: configuration file directory

/Home: user's home directory/home/USERNAME ~

/Root: System Administrator's home directory-do not log on as an administrator during the production process.

/Lib: Library

/Lib/modules: kernel module

Static Library:.

Dynamic library:. dll (windows). so (shared object) shared object library can greatly save memory usage.

Dynamic compilation and static compilation ..


/Media: hangs in the dot directory, generally on a USB disc of a mobile device.

/Mnt: mount point, additional temporary file system. Of course, it can be hung normally.

/Misc Miscellaneous

/Opt: optional Directory for early software installation. Previous third-party program directory.

/Proc: The ing file of the kernel is not empty when the pseudo file system is started. System Optimization

/Sys: pseudo file system. It is not empty after the system is started. It is a property ing file related to hardware devices. System Optimization

/Tmp:/var/tmp temporary files will be automatically cleared in one month. Each person can create and delete only their own files.

/Var: changeable files, such as logs, emails, and caches.

/Bin: executable file, USER command.

/Sbin: Manage commands.

/Usr: globally shared read-only files




Third-party software





/Usr/local/src: stores third-party installation programs.


Linux File names are case sensitive.


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