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I am very happy to explain how to use the message book. after some time, the message book can be published... ah, I hope you like it. it doesn't matter if you don't like it. but there must be reasons you don't like it. please be sure to let us know !!! Thank you !!! The goal of this message book is to challenge the best message book !!! What I can't do is to check whether it is necessary !!! If your suggestion is good, use the message book

Haha, I am very happy. after some time, the message book can finally be published...
Ah, I hope you like it. it doesn't matter if you don't like it. but there must be reasons you don't like it. please be sure to let us know !!!
Thank you !!!

The goal of this message book is to "challenge the best message book ""!!! I thought, "nothing can be done, just to see if it is necessary "!!!

If your suggestion is good, I will definitely do what you want. my goal is to "be a great programmer ".

Advantages and disadvantages of this message book:
This may be the most important thing. haha !!!


The biggest advantage of this message book is line feed. the user line feed is implemented. (to keep the original form, the line feed of the Chinese hacker is fixed with a certain number of words. that is to say, no matter your line feed, he will give you a line feed. in this way, if you want to paste text images, there will be problems .) at present, most message books do not implement automatic line breaks. that is to say, no matter how many characters you write in a sentence, it will be displayed in one line. if there is a message without line breaks, the message book will become ugly, and the lines below the window will become long, damaging the appearance of the leaf !!!.

So far, I have not found any messages that can solve these two problems at the same time. This is why I wrote this message book.

Forums including oso do not have line breaks. if you don't believe it, try to leave a message and write a long character without carriage return, so that its leaf surface will soon become faulty. (I mentioned this With oso, but I don't know if I have changed it !)

I wrote a computer_message ($ msg); function to solve this problem. you can see the source Ma in the config. php file.

There are also pages: two ways to view, one is: forward, back to display messages, the other is: display the number of security pages.

Now, the moderator can easily delete and restore the website through the following connections. of course, you must enter the password.


Of course, it is not enough to do page beautification. although it is necessary, it is always because of the relationship between time, you can drag it first. of course, any HTML knowledge can be easily modified.

There is also an unknown BUG! Haha !!!

Download point, and sample in can be found !!!

The description is written under linux, so you need to open readme.txt on a tablet.
Do not use notepad. otherwise it will be garbled !!!

The configuration instructions are as follows:
For ease of configuration, the code has been reorganized. now all the parameters to be set have been placed in
In the config. php file, it should be easy to configure, which contains detailed instructions.

Goal: Get your message book in a very short time !!!

1: create a database (to provide database space on the homepage)

The front-end of phpMyAdmin open source Ma is similar to oso. it is very simple since it was created.

After obtaining the name, remember to change $ db_name of config. php to this name.

2: Create a comment table (Change $ table_name of config. php to your name here ).

Key_liuyan int (11) auto_increment primary key, // master creation, automatically added
Nikename varchar (20) null // nickname
Subject varchar (100) null // message topic
Date_created varchar (19) // message time
Ip_address varchar (15) // IP address of the contact
Message mediumtext null // message
Email_address varchar (50) null // the email address of the contact
Zhuye_address varchar (50) null // The homepage address of the contact
Huifu_biaozi int (1) default 0 // moderator reply flag
Huifu mediumtext null // moderator reply content
Oicq varchar (20) null // The OICQ number of the contact

You can use the following SQL statement to complete the process !!! (I passed the test. remember to change yourtable_name to a note,
Of course, do not change it)

Create table your_liuyan_table (
Key_liuyan int (11) auto_increment primary key,
Nikename varchar (20) null,
Subject varchar (100) null,
Date_created varchar (19 ),
Ip_address varchar (15 ),
Message mediumtext null,
Email_address varchar (50) null,
Zhuye_address varchar (50) null,
Huifu_biaozi int (1) default 0,
Huifu mediumtext null,
Oicq varchar (20) null

3: Create a control table: (put the name here in $ table_name_control of config. php)

The structure is as follows:

Leibie varchar (20) primary key,
Value varchar (20) null

You can also use the following SQL statement:

Create table your_control_table (

Leibie varchar (20) primary key,
Value varchar (20) null

Because this is your control table, you must add two control records on your own;

The SQL statement is:

Insert and delete a password:

Insert into your_control_tble (
(Delete, '123 ');

Insert the reply password:

Insert into your_control_tble (
(Huifu, '20140901 ');

The password entered here is: 123, and the user name is blank!

How do I calculate the relationship between the password and the inserted value?

That's right. your password, for example, 123 adds up all three digits, equals 6, and then multiply 6 by 222 is the password value !!!

6*222 = 1332.

Now that you know the relationship, you can change it to another password.

However, the username must be blank ,,,

The principle of simple encryption can be referred to the three-digit home

4: after all, you only need to upload the files except readme.txt.

If you have any questions, contact me.

The following is a method for contacting me (feedback is returned ):
? My message book:
My OICQ: 873221
My e-mail:

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