Check whether IDFA is used in iOS projects and ios project idfa

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Check whether IDFA is used in iOS projects and ios project idfa
(1) What is IDFA?

For IDFA, when submitting an application to the App Store, iTunes Connect provides the following instructions:


How can I check whether the project contains IDFA for iOS projects (including third-party sdks?


(2) how to check IDFA: Step:

1. Open the terminal cd to the root directory of the file to be checked.

2. Run the following statement: grep-r advertisingIdentifier ).


The ShareSDK official website provides the IDFA and non-IDFA versions of ShareSDK. The following two versions of ShareSDK are used for detection.

1. Check that the IDFA version is not included

Follow the check steps and the results are as follows:


Result: Although ShareSDK does not use IDFA, the Sina Weibo SDK in ShareSDK is used. ShareSDK also officially stated that if you do not need to use IDFA, you can remove the Sina Weibo SDK and continue to use the SDK for sharing and third-party logon.

2. Check the version containing IDFA

Follow the check steps and the results are as follows:


Result: The built-in MOBFoundation. framework and Sina Weibo SDK of ShareSDK both use IDFA.



Is it true that IDFA checks data?The emergence of the integral wall and the integral wall are transformed from the SDK form to a free platform. The user's controllable strength is relatively enhanced, and the ASO can be optimized by grasping the path and time for the user to complete the task, it once became the darling of advertising companies. As long as there is a platform, more device IDS can be imitated. In addition, IDFA is not unique for one device. Apple allows users to change IDFA on one device. There are not many people who know this, but they are known to use this person to perform many other operations. Simply put, a few devices can create a steady stream of IDFA. Is there any value for IDFA?

Figure 3: one-click re-acquisition of IDFA 90% of Chinese advertising companies prefer fake traffic, high profits, and can control the effect at will. CP are also keen on results, and they love KPIs. As long as a KPI can be quantified, it can be completed by 100% false.

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