Class modifiers, member variable modifiers, method modifiers in Java object-oriented learning--java

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Class modifier:

Public (access control) --Declares a class as a public class, which can be accessed by any object, and the main class of a program must be a common class.
abstract--> declares a class as an abstract class, without implementing a method that requires a subclass to provide a method implementation.
final--> A class life as final (that is, a non-inheriting class), indicating that he cannot be inherited by another class.
Friendly --The default modifier, only objects in the same package can use such a class.

Member Variable modifiers:

public (Common access control) ---Specifies that the variable is public, and that he can be accessed by any method of the object.
Private (access control) ---Specifies that the variable allows access only to methods of its own class, and that methods in any other class (including subclasses) are inaccessible.
protected (protect access Control) --Specifies that the variable can not be accessed by its own classes and subclasses. This variable can be overridden in a subclass.
Friendly --classes in the same package can be accessed, and classes in other packages cannot be accessed.
final--> The final modifier, specifying that the value of this variable cannot be changed.
Static modifier ---Specifies that the variable is shared by all objects, that is, all instances can use the variable. Variables belong to this class.
transient (over modifier) --Specifies that the variable is a temporary variable that is reserved by the system and temporarily has no special effect.
volatile (volatile modifier)--- specifies that the variable can be controlled and modified by several threads at the same time.

Method Modifiers:

public (common control character) -- Specifies that this method is public and that he can be called by any object
Private -- --Specifies that this method can only have access to methods such as its own class, and that other classes cannot access (including subclasses)
protected (protect access Control) --Specifies that the method can be accessed by its classes and subclasses.
final--> Specifies that the method cannot be overloaded.
static--> Specifies a method that can be activated without instantiation.
The synchronize--> synchronization modifier, which is used in multiple threads to lock the method to which he belongs before running, to prevent access by other threads, and to unlock after the run is complete.
native--> local modifier. The method body that specifies this method is written outside the program in a different language.

Class modifiers, member variable modifiers, method modifiers in Java object-oriented learning--java

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