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CMMI Step-by-Step implementation goals

1. Establish a unique process improvement system to meet the requirements of the CMMI-L3 level, laying the groundwork for the transition to the 4, 5 level

2. Improve project development and maintenance process specifications, improve project management level, improve development productivity and quality, reduce development costs

3. Establish an organizational process asset Bank and knowledge system. Good development methods, techniques, processes, documentation, and code are effectively reused within the organization to improve development quality and productivity. At the same time through the sharing of knowledge and learning to continuously improve the skills of employees, thereby enhancing the company's knowledge management level.

4. Establish an effective self-study training system to help developers master ways to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce costs

5. Establish a set of performance-focused quality management and monitoring system

6. Establishing a process mechanism for continuous improvement

Barry Boehm a summary of 10 software metrics that accurately describes the economic relationships in software engineering

1. The cost of finding and fixing a software problem after delivery is 100 times times higher than the cost of finding and fixing it in the early stages of the design

2. You can compress the software progress by up to 25%

3. In the development of each of the 1 dollars spent, we have to spend 2 of dollars in maintenance

4. The cost of software development and maintenance is primarily a function of the source code line

5. The difference between people leads to great differences in software productivity

6. Overall, the proportion of software and hardware costs is still on the rise

7. Only 15% of the software development work is for coding

8. With the increase of software system scale, its cost is multiplied and presents 1:3:9 relationship, which is a non scale economic phenomenon in software industry.

9. You can find 60% errors in the walk.

10.2% of contributors have made 80% contributions

A historical experience of software productivity

1. Compared with the best and last-minute people in an organization, the productivity ratio is 10:1

2. Compared to the best and average people, the ratio is 2.5:1

3. Compared with the first half and the latter half, the rate of productivity is about 2:1.

4. The productivity of two people from the same organization is roughly the same

Three elements of the process

1. Standards, procedures and methodologies for the implementation of various mandates

2. Knowledgeable, skilled and experienced people

3. Methods, techniques, tools and equipment

The Cocomo economic model in software production

1. Workload = (Personnel Skills) (environment) (quality) (scale process)

2. The software process affects the cost of the software in exponential form

3. The larger the scale of software development, the greater the impact of process quality

Benefits of Process Improvement

1. Improved predictability of progress and budgeting

2. Improved cycle time

3. Improve production efficiency

4. Improve quality (measured by defects)

5. Improve Customer Satisfaction

6. Improve employee morale

7. Increase return on investment

8. Reduce quality costs

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