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Tags temporary file storage Ajax makes full use of client JavaScript, DHTML, and XMLHttpRequest objects. The purpose is to help developers create more interactive web applications supporting Ajax.Program

Server Side of ASP. NET page:ASP. NET temporary file storage and dynamically generated classes used to provide services for page responsesSource code. In addition, it will build a program that can work with any ASP. NET 2.0 or ASP. the resource manager tool used by the net Ajax (formerly named "Atlas") application together to view and debug the actual execution on your pageCode.


ASP. NET Ajax Outlook: Introduce ASP. NET Ajax in detail and explore some of its key functions in depth. The author believes that updatepanel is the best method that most development teams can adopt. It does not exclude traditional ASP. NET, so you can easily modify existing pages. It is not complex or unfamiliar, and you do not need to learn a lot of new knowledge before using it. In addition, updatepanel can provide BLL with the same protection level as traditional web pages, and it fully supports asynchronous ASP. NET pages that run lengthy tasks.

Last piece of advice: Avoid mixing Ajax platforms. For JavaScript built-in object extensions, there may be conflicts between ASP. NET Ajax and other frameworks. More importantly, there is no guarantee that the current product portfolio will still be available in the future. Any new version of any framework may cause new conflicts.

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Use the Ajax extensions client to call Web Services: ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax extensions enables the client JavaScript running in the browser to achieve seamless and identical agent generation experience with Web Services. You can compile a. asmx file hosted on your server and call the method on the service through a client JavaScript class.


Ajax testing automation:With the release of the ASP. NET Ajax framework, Ajax Web applications will become popular soon. The ability to write small test automation software becomes more and more important, and it is an important supplement to your personal skill set.

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Use ASP. NET ajax to cancel server tasks

Last month, I built a framework to monitor ongoing server-side tasks from the client. With this framework (later called the progress monitor framework, or PMF), you can provide Web users with progress information about operations running on the server, this type of information can be obtained through a large amount of custom code. With PMF, You can have server tasks register the current status of their operations (expressed as a percentage or an estimate of the remaining time ), the client service can also ping the server to read the status information. After the status information is downloaded to the client (out-of-band execution), it is very easy to update the user interface.

Some early feedback on last month's column pointed out two possible improvements. The first is whether PMF can be used to stop ongoing server tasks, and the second is to find a better way to generate progress bar markers.

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Scriptmanager helps you implement Ajax functions of Web Applications
Today, website users can take responsibility for the content, development direction, and success of the website as publishers do. Every day, many new style websites, such as social networking sites, blogs, online album sets, and wiki, are emerging. This trend is only part of it. Although your website provides the best content, your website will soon be useless if you cannot get users involved in the development and growth of your website.

As a developer, your task is to use convenient tools to meet the needs of common users. To make a site more eye-catching, it is natural to start with the web browser itself, because it is the most user-friendly part of the site. Unfortunately, many features in Web browsers are not always so easy to use. Writing code that interacts with a browser requires a lot of effort, because there are countless combinations of browsers and operating systems, and the lack of consistency is a headache. If you can use a single platform to build rich clients and Web applications in parallel, it will be very beneficial, the effort to improve the end user experience for a browser environment does not need to be repeated for another browser environment.

ASP. NET Ajax released by Microsoft can meet the requirements of such Web application development. This article aims to expand your understanding of the central component ASP. NET Ajax (called the scriptmanager control) and show you how to use it to implement advanced ASP. NET Ajax programming. Scriptmanager is a server-side control placed on a web form and plays a core role in ASP. NET Ajax. The main task is to mediate all other ASP on the web form. net Ajax control, and add the appropriate script Library to the web browser, so that ASP.. Net Ajax client can work normally. You often find yourself using scriptmanager to register other controls, Web Services, and client scripts.

As a server-side control, scriptmanager responds to events in the ASP. NET page lifecycle and uses these events to coordinate all controls, options, and code activities used by ASP. NET Ajax. Scriptmanager associates a specific event, receives notifications when the event occurs, and configures multiple settings according to the environment. This process repeats multiple times through the presentation of ASP. NET pages. However, the configuration is usually the setting you need to use ASP. NET Ajax seamlessly.

First, we will understand the main ASP. NET Ajax functions that the scriptmanager control can help you implement, and then start to explore the lifecycle of the control on the server. By understanding the internal structure of scriptmanager, you will have a deeper understanding of the options provided by the Control for Web application development, and learn how to maximize the benefits.

Let's start with the script because it is the central element of ASP. NET Ajax. In fact, all functions of ASP. NET Ajax depend on the script library. We will then browse some functions supported by Ajax in ASP. NET Ajax, interact with Web Services, and finally talk about identity authentication issues. During the discussion of each issue, we will also show you how to adjust the options through scriptmanager.

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Ajax application architecture, part 1

Whether you are a system administrator, designer, or developer, your work will be greatly affected by Ajax. Administrators must ensure that security protection is high enough to cope with various possible new types of attacks. The Intranet administrator must ensure that JavaScript is not disabled in any browser. Web designers need to face some new challenges, because the functions that AJAX can implement are previously impossible or impractical. Developers need to be familiar with new APIs and new comprehensive programming methods. Nevertheless, what is the significance of Ajax for architects?


Ajax applications are challenging because they introduce new concepts and new foundations. The Ajax mode spans the client and server environment, so the architect role is essential. For determining what logic occurs on the client and what content is retained on the server, and determining which data objects on the client and the server can be exchanged, a clear Architecture concept is crucial to Loc = ZH

Ajax application architecture, part 1
When ASP. NET Ajax extensions is used to transition your site to an Ajax experience, there are two main programming models available: Partial rendering and script services. In my column last month, I mainly discussed partial presentation from the perspective of architecture. In short, with partial rendering, you do not need to change the underlying architecture of ASP. NET Applications-it is a convenient way to implement some of the best elements of Ajax (such as non-flickering updates on site pages. To implement this kind of improvement behavior, you only need to add some new server controls (especially scriptmanager and updatepanel), and let them quietly use some tips to convert the traditional sending back through asynchronous requests run by the XMLHTTPRequest object. This method is easy to implement because it only applies Ajax functions to existing web development models.


If you want to implement full mode conversion for building Ajax applications, you should understand the script service method. In general, the typical Ajax architecture is quite easy to understand.Figure 1Shows the high-level view of its working principle. There is a backend composed of specific application services. Generally, it is only the outer layer of the Ajax script. below it is the business logic and the system middle layer that plays a role. The Service and the front-end exchange data over HTTP and transmit parameters and return values in multiple formats. The front-end consists of JavaScript code running on the client. After receiving and processing data, it faces a major task of using HTML and JavaScript to build a graphical user interface. The dependence on JavaScript is restricted by the browser structure. This situation changes only when the browser supports more powerful programming functions.
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Manage the user experience in Ajax
ASP. NET Ajax extensions was originally built on ASP. NET 2.0. With the release of ASP. NET 3.5, it has been fully integrated into the ASP. NET platform. In fact, ASP. NET Ajax provides two programming models for you to choose from-partial rendering and script services.
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Learn more about Microsoft Ajax Library
No matter which Ajax platform you are using, you must have a wide range of JavaScript libraries. These libraries usually contain at least a set of ready-made client User Interface gadgets and an application model that defines the lifecycle for each loaded document. In ASP. NET Ajax 1.0 and Ajax platform integrated with ASP. NET 3.5, the best choice for JavaScript libraries is MicrosoftAjax library.
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Use Ajax extenders to customize controls
How to Use the Ajax control extender to enhance ASP. NET input controls such as text boxes and buttons.
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Use Ajax extenders to customize controls (Part 1)
Use Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 and the latest version of ASP. NET (when writing this article, its version is Beta 2) to add more advanced features such as mask editing and Automatic completion.
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Globalization readyTraveling around the globe with ASP. NET Ajax applications
ASP. NET Ajax applications include a large amount of client code, which is not included in the standard ASP. NET localization model. Here, I will introduce localization and globalization models of ASP. NET Ajax applications, and demonstrate how to localize JavaScript resources and add limited global support. In addition, I assume that you have a basic understanding of ASP. NET, ASP. NET Ajax, and International ASP. NET 2.0 applications.
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Use ASP. NET Ajax for drag and drop

Ajax is a revolution in the Web user interface, while ASP. NET Ajax enables ajax Used by the user. Its download is divided into three independent parts: Asp. net Ajax extensions ( provides a set of core Ajax functions that have been fully tested. asp. net Ajax Futures (, including some experimental functions. The product group wants to get feedback on these functions; and ASP. net Ajax Control Toolkit ( provides various Ajax controls and an SDK for building your own controls
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How to Use the ASP. NET control to encapsulate Silverlight
to generate a custom server control that encapsulates Silverlight content. Encapsulating Silverlight content into a custom ASP. Net Control has multiple advantages that make it a technology of high interest. This technology makes integrated Silverlight content as simple as using any other server-side controls, greatly increasing the chance of adoption. The process of adding a handler, setting properties, and calling methods on the Silverlight control is exactly the same as that on any other control. In addition, this method keeps the page concise and will not be affected by the messy Silverlight-specific JavaScript, so that it can be easily maintained and deployed. Loc = ZH
Ajax mode dialog box
this article mainly introduces ASP. the modalpopupextender control in the net Ajax Control Toolkit includes some basic usage of it, how to use the ESC key to close the pop-up box, how to add an animated display, and how to return data to the server. Loc = ZH

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