Common spam traps and Preventive Measures

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Common spam traps and Preventive Measures

Here is how to identify and prevent spammers from getting your email addresses.

Common spam policies

"Help! My inbox is almost overwhelmed by Spam! How do spam sellers get my email addresses? "

The most common problem we receive is spam. People feel worse and want to figure out the cause. Spammers are using more advanced policies and a more positive attitude to spam sending technology. To prevent spam, you must first know how spam dealers can intrude into your inbox.

Attack lexicon:

Spammers use a dictionary that contains common words and names, combined with this dictionary, to send mail to addresses of different combinations such as,, and

Spammers often use this method for users of major email providers. Advanced anti-spam of Yahoo Mail can identify and block such Dictionary attacks.

Fake Email:

Currently, spammers are often used to send spam. Fake emails use a fake email name to send emails that do not look like spammers. It is easy to create an email from your own address book or reliable source. Spammers use fake emails to trick you into opening or replying to their emails. Remember, do not reply to the emails you provided. Instead, select "This Is spam" in the Yahoo mail drop-down box to report this disguised address.

Many spammers try to disguise or mimic ISP to expect you to submit your personal account information. Note that the ISP generally does not require you to send your personal information such as password, Social Security Code, and credit card number.

If you receive an email that appears to be from your ISP asking for such information, this is spam. Select "This Is spam" to report this email.

Use well-known words:

This policy tricks a user into opening the email by disguising a mature person or a person with a private connection. Representative titles include "how are you ?" "Urgent confidential" "We need to meet" "I have money to give it to you" or "It's snowing again ". Do not reply to such emails from unknown sources to prevent them from falling into the trap. Select "This Is spam" to report this email and set it to lock the address.

Message Board and chat room traps:

Do not expose your email address in public-treat your email as personal information as important as your phone number. If you have to email on the message board, chat room, or other public occasions, Spammers can use automated programs to get your email address online. We recommend that you use your Yahoo! One of the duplicate mail's clone addresses-only Yahoo! Users of the enhanced version of email can use this function when accessing the message board and chat room. With the cloned email address, you can monitor the clone address from which the spam email is sent. If the spam email address is too long, you can delete it.

Open proxy, third-party server:

An open proxy is a third-party server that allows spammers to hide their real identities and IP addresses. Many spam sellers use this type of open proxy to make themselves anonymous. The professional Anti-Spam technology of email helps you actively prevent such technology.

Hidden tracking device:

An email may contain an image file that the recipient cannot see-usually known as a "hidden GIF image" or "tracing device ". Once the email is opened, the spam merchant can know that your address is valid. We recommend that you do not open emails that look like spam.

Report a Spam email if it is not opened. Click the box on the left to select the email and then click the "Spam" button. This email will be deleted and reported as spam.

In addition, Yahoo! An email has the Image Rejection function to block HTML image download before you determine whether the email is from a reliable object. Set the reject image function. Go to the mail option and click "Anti-Spam"

Type a random string:

In an attempt to prevent and control spam filters, spammers will type a random string in the entire email to distinguish the email from other spam emails. Sometimes they add spaces or characters like V_ I _A_G_R_A to the email address to achieve this purpose. You can prevent such spam by not opening or replying to this email and report it using "This Is spam" in the drop-down box.

Chain mail:

Many people have received chain emails that invite you to forward to friends. Sometimes it indicates that you will get 5 cents for each forward, or if there are less than 5 people to forward, you will be unlucky. This is a means to promote spam. Never forward such emails to make money.

Tips for preventing spam

In addition to modifying your email account settings, here are some other anti-spam tips:

Protect your email address-starting with your phone number
Use an email system with the Anti-Spam function, such as Yahoo! Email.
Do not send your password, credit card number, or other personal information in the email.
Do not publish your email in public places where spammers obtain the email address. (For example, newsgroup, message board, and chat room)
When you publish an address online
Do not reply to emails from unknown sources-this will prompt the sender that your email address is in use.
Do not click the link or webpage in the spam-this will also prompt the sender that your email address is in use.
Do not forward linked spam.

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