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Before giving you a detailed introduction to Oracle password verification, let's first let you know what Oracle password verification is, and then give a comprehensive introduction to Oracle password verification, hoping to be useful to everyone. To connect to an ORACLE database instance, the user account must be authenticated. Authentication includes authenticating the user's identity and confirming that they have the privileges to use the database. Oracle provides three authentication methods for user accounts: password verification (most common), external verification, and global verification.

Oracle password verification

When a user using this mechanism connects to the database, the database verifies that the user name is valid and the Password Matches. In the following example, create a password-verified user named rajesh and use the password welcome. The keyword "identified by password (in this example, the password is welcome) "Tell the database that this user account is a password-verified account.

External authenticated user

When an external authenticated user tries to connect to the database, the database verifies that the user name is a valid database account and is sure that the operating system has completed authentication.
1. An external authenticated user account does not store or verify a password in the database
2. All external authenticated accounts must be prefixed with "OPS $" (pronounced ahps dollar)
3. You can modify the prefix of the initialization parameter or the OS _AUTHENT_PREFIX parameter in the SPFILE.
4. Create an external authenticated user named oracle in the following example. The keyword "identified externally" tells the database that the user account is an external authenticated account.
5. external verification accounts are often used for administrative scripts so that passwords do not have to be embedded in a human-understandable script.

Global authenticated user

When an external authenticated user tries to connect to the database, the database Authentication username is a valid database account and passes the connection information to Advanced Security Options for verification. The Advanced Security Options support identity authentication mechanisms such as biometrics, X.509 certificates, Kerberos, and RADIUS.
1. A globally authenticated user account is not stored in the database or a password is verified
2. the syntax for creating a global authenticated account depends on the called service, but the keywords identified globally are used to tell the database to use advanced security options for authentication.

Allocate default tablespace

Each user is assigned a default tablespace. When no TABLESPACE is provided during table creation or index creation, the default TABLESPACE is used to store the schema objects.
1. If the user is not explicitly allocated a default tablespace when creating the user, the User Account uses the default tablespace of the database. Use the alter database statement to modify the default tablespace of a DATABASE
2. Use the keyword default tablespace tablespace_name to assign a default tablespace to the new user.
3. Run the alter user statement to modify the USER's default tablespace.
The preceding section describes how to verify the Oracle password.

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