Common python libraries

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Common python libraries


1. wxpython

The GUI programming framework in Python is similar to that in MFC.

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2. PyQt

QT development library for Python

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Web framework

1. Django

Open-source web development framework, which encourages rapid development and follows the MVC design

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2. web2py

A small and flexible Web framework, simple but powerful

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Scientific computing

1. Matplotlib

Third-party libraries of matlab-like implementation using Python, used to draw some high-quality two-dimensional mathematical graphics



2. SciPy

Python-based matlab implementation, designed to implement all functions of matlab

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3. NumPy

Python-based third-party library for scientific computing provides solutions for matrices, linear algebra, Fourier transformation, and so on.

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Webpage processing

1. BeautifulSoup, powerful fault tolerance function

Powerful Web page processing package


2. PyQuery: process documents like jQuery on a webpage in Python.




1. MySQLdb

Used to connect to the MySQL database

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2. PIL

Python-based image processing library with powerful functions and extensive support for graphic file formats

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3. PyGame

Python-based multimedia development and game software development modules

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4. sh system management

Sh allows you to execute shell terminal commands like executing functions

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5. pickle (cPickle)

6. json

7. random

8. datetime

Special Introduction

1. cx_Freeze

Convenient and concise packaging tools, cross-platform!

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2. psyco

The execution efficiency of the script is somewhat unsatisfactory. although optimization is not difficult, it is worth noting if there is a simple method that almost does not need to modify the source code. The magic of psyco is that it only needs to call two lines of code at the entrance of the code, and the performance can be improved by 40% or more, which is truly immediate!

If your customer thinks your program is a little slow, don't rush to optimize the code. psyco may let him change his mind immediately. Psyco is called the Python jit and has a lot of potential to explore. if there is not much time to optimize the performance for you, please read its manual immediately. There are many ways to easily optimize the performance.

These are common third-party libraries.

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